What changes to include in your life when diagnosed with Urinary Incontinence?

What changes to include in your life when diagnosed with Urinary Incontinence?

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    Are you diagnosed with Urinary Incontinence?

    Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Moga, Punjab Incontinence means not having control over the bladder & urination control is not possible. Sometimes the trip to the washroom can be difficult. The stats have shown that around 33 million men and women get diagnosed with this condition. Those who have this will have difficulty getting socialized & there is even fear of embarrassment.

    Incontinence is not just one issue, but it might indicate other problems come along with it. For every individual case, specific needs have to be taken care of. Make sure to consult the Urologist in Firozpur will make a difference to your urinary & overall health.

    Urinary Incontinence is one of the symptoms

    UI cannot be determined as a disease & several factors are the reason for this issue. For every individual, Incontinence occurs in a different type like:

    • Stress
    • Overactive
    • Urge
    • Mixed
    • Functional

    It’s possible that from the above-given factors, two or more reasons might be the reason you have this issue. When you schedule your initial consultation with the Urologist in Faridkot, he will direct you towards the necessary changes that help the situation get under control.

     Lifestyle changes to follow if you have UI (Urinary Incontinence)

    • Kegel Exercise

    Kegel exercise is one of the best ways to increase pelvic floor strength. The pelvic muscles provide the necessary support to bladder & bowel muscles. This exercise involves slow & fast contractions that benefit the body throughout the day. This exercise works great in preventing leakage & bladder control gets better.

    • Make healthy modifications in diet

    If your BMI & diet is not correct, it triggers constipation which leads to Incontinence. Being overweight increases the possibility of stress incontinence. Intake of food like red meat, chocolate, white rice, & bread is going to trigger constipation. Apart from that, alcohol & coffee intake will increase urine production. Considering the above reason, it’s essential to cut back on the information of drinks & food, which are the triggering factor of UI.

    • Medications can trigger issue

    Certain medications can lead to bladder issues. If you have any health issues requiring medications, then better consult the medical expert. The doctor will suggest medicines that will work effectively in controlling bladder muscles.

    Did you know?

    Some medical devices can help the problem to get under control. Some are pessary (silicone device for women), urine seal (adhesive pads to prevent leakage), bladder neck support device, and artificial sphincters.


    Are you worried about your urology health?

    Gomti Thapar Hospital in Moga, Punjab, is one of the trusted hospitals among the patients to seek personalized urology care. Our esteemed urologist in Moga, Dr. Ashish Koura, has gained that reputation among the patients to get the best possible care for their urology & overall health. No matter what concern do you have ask the same to the urologist for getting the effective treatment plan for making your situation get better.

    Important Note!

    Gomti Thapar Hospital is only located in Moga.

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