Urinary Tract Infections Treatments in Punjab

Urinary Tract Infections Treatments in Punjab

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    Urinary tract infection is the most common disease which includes cystitis, nephritis, and urethritis. The symptoms are obvious and it is possible that the problem can reoccur again. If you do not get the treatment at the right time then it can create a problem in the future. Read the topic to learn more.

    What is UTI?

    Urinary tract infection is triggered by the microbes. Without a microscope, they cannot be seen as they are very small. Mostly, the infection is caused by bacteria and sometimes by fungi or virus. This is the most common infection in humans.

    Facts about UTI

    • The Infection can happen anywhere in the urinary tract.
    • In women, the chances to develop this condition is over 50%.
    • If you get the treatment on time it takes 2 to 3 days to treat it.

    Reasons behind UTI

    The major reason behind UTI is because of bacterium E. Coli which is found in the digestive system. Depending on where they occur they are given the name like:

    • Bladder Infection: Cystitis
    • Urethra Infection: Urethritis
    • Kidney Infection: Pyelonephritis

    Symptoms behind UTI

    • When urinating there is burning sensation.
    • Small and frequent amount of urine is passed.
    • Urine is cloudy, sometimes bloody.
    • Persistent and strong urge to urinate
    • There is a strong smell of urine.
    • Abdominal pain

    Make sure you do not wait for a long time to get the treatment. Visiting the urologist at an early stage can solve your problem. If you are not able to get proper medical help then visit our urology centre for the best treatment plan.

    Why women have higher chances of getting this problem?


    • Urethral length


    The length of the male urethra is 15cm and women urethra is 5cm. This makes it very easy for the bacteria to enter inside.


    • Sexual Stimulation


    When the penis enters the women urethra it only stimulates the genitals but vulva bacteria also gets inside.

    Treatment of UTI

    • The medication type and length of treatment will depend on the symptoms the patient has.
    • It is always advised to complete the course of treatment so that the infection is completely gone. It is possible that symptoms can go away before the infection is treated completely.
    • If there is a pain then antibiotics are prescribed and you should apply a heating pad to the abdomen and back.
    • If the UTI is more complicated than it needs 1 to 2 week to get treated properly.
    • To flush out the bacteria you must drink plenty of water.

    How to prevent the problem?

    • Pay attention to sexual health.
    • Do not use liquid soap and products with perfume ingredients.
    • Do not wear tights pants and underwear.
    • Get the problem treated early.

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