Various Causes of Bladder Stones

Various Causes of Bladder Stones

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    Bladder stones problem usually experienced more by men as compared to women. If you are suffering from this condition then must talk to your doctor so that you can get rid of this problem easily without any complications. But if you do not know the causes of bladder stones then must visit us once so that we can guide you about the reasons behind bladder stones.

    What are bladder stones?

    Bladder stones are explained as crystallized stones which form due to building up of minerals in the bladder. This condition is usually experienced by old age males due to when you are unable to empty to your bladder properly. You may also experience this condition due to dehydration and enlarged prostate. But do not take tension about this condition, you simply visit our urologist in Punjab so that you can go through bladder stone treatment

    Symptoms of bladder stones

    There are several symptoms of bladder stones, which are explained below-:

    • You may experience frequent urination, especially during the night hours.
    • You will definitely experience pain in the lower abdominal.
    • It will lead you to bloody urine.
    • A burning sensation and chronic pain in the urethra during urinating is another sign of bladder stones.
    • An inability to control urination is also a sign of bladder stones.

    Millions of people ask us who are at the risk of bladder stones. Men who are at their 50s are at greater risk of bladder stones. If you leave your problem untreated, then you will surely experience a severe condition in your 80s.

    In order to, treat your condition you need to visit the doctor so that you can get the right treatment. But first of all, you need to understand the reasons behind bladder stones.

    Causes of bladder stones


    This bladder stones condition is caused due to severe infection such as bacteria and other germs or organisms can lead you to bladder inflammation. In addition to this, UTIs are a common reason behind bladder stones. Well, men experience these problems so much because they suffer from infections so much and women do not experience this condition more because they have small urethras.

    Damaged urethra

    You may experience this problem due to injury or trauma to the urethra. And this is responsible for blockage of urine in your body which further leads to stones. In this condition, treatment is strictly recommended by doctors so that you can reduce the risk of a serious condition.

    Kidney stones

    If you are suffering from kidney stones then you will surely experience the bladder stone condition. Since those small stones which are present in your kidneys are travel to the ureters, these are tubes which are responsible to carry urine from the kidney to the bladder.

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