Everything you should know about the warning signs of appendicitis

Everything you should know about the warning signs of appendicitis

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    Appendicitis: Common Warning Signs & Symptoms

    When it comes to being proactive, your health needs the utmost attention. Additionally, it’s all about knowing the most common signs and symptoms to limit the chances of the condition getting worse. Here I am going to talk about appendicitis signs and symptoms. Knowing about the signs and symptoms allows you to begin your appendix treatment in Punjab at the earliest. The appendix plays an essential part in fighting off the infection, so get the doctor’s assistance at the earliest before the condition worsens.

    What are the common signs and symptoms of appendicitis?

    Symptom 1: Painful urination

    Sometimes appendicitis can show symptoms similar to urinary tract infection. It means you can notice symptoms like problems passing urine or painful urination. If you see a problem with your urinary tract, consult one of the experienced urologist in Moga even without delaying a single second.

    During the initial visit, if the urologist in Firozpur suggests something wrong, then he will ask you to get a urine test. This way, it allows knowing precisely what the problem is.

    Symptom 2: Abdominal pain

    Abdominal pain is one of the common signs. Usually, the pain begins around the belly button and then reaches the lower ride side of the abdomen. The pain even occurs in the lower right side of the stomach. With abdominal pain, you can notice the following:

    • The pain increases with time
    • It would help if you breathed deeply
    • When you cough, move or touch the belly, the pain worsens. Moreover, sneezing pain is unbearable.
    • Swollen belly
    • Fever and chills
    • Loss of appetite
    • Diarrhea
    • Not able to pass gas

    Please Note!

    Do let the symptoms get ignored by any chance. Because if you do so, the appendix can get worse, and pain is noticed all around the stomach.

    Do I need to get appendicitis surgery?

    Although, the chances of getting the surgery are less. But, when you keep on avoiding the situation and symptoms begin to get worse, then the doctor will include surgery in your treatment plan.

    Appendix treatment

    Undoubtedly, not every type of appendix pain is the reason for some problematic conditions. But, if your stomach pain does not seem to go down or begins to worsen with time, then make sure to consult the medical health care provider at the earliest. When you keep on ignoring the symptoms, it’s only going to worsen the condition.

    The doctor suggests appendicectomy, which is a surgical method for appendicitis. When the appendix gets worse, surgery is the ideal treatment plan. It’s all about taking the proper measures on time to prevent the infection from spreading worse. Depending on your condition, the doctor will suggest you the right treatment plan.

    Schedule your initial consultation

    If you notice a change in your urinary health or stomach pain worsens, then schedule an initial consultation with a medical health professional.

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