What After an Unsuccessful IVF?

What After an Unsuccessful IVF?

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    IVF treatment is the best option to improve conception chances. But, in some cases, the problem can arise due to different factors. In that case, it might be possible that the IVF cycle was unsuccessful. In this topic, we have mentioned what should be done after the unsuccessful cycle of IVF.

    Undergoing IVF treatment can be exciting and challenging. No doubt, when you choose the best IVF doctor you are in safe hands and the outcomes of the procedure will be the best. But, if the procedure fails it can become difficult to handle the emotional aspect.

    Understanding the IVF procedure

    Firstly, it is important to be familiar with the negative associations of IVF. When people choose to get the treatment they pay attention to the part of getting pregnant and give less attention to the problems linked with it. However, people worry about different things but they do not consider the failure of the treatment.

    Whatever the outcome is there is help available at the IVF centre to help the patients deal with the situation effectively. Their advice and support will help you choose the best option for you.

    What are people afraid of?

    Many patients do get worried about failure before the procedure starts. In some cases, it arises when the couple waits too long to seek treatment. Other patients worry that they have not been able to conceive naturally.

    Some worry about getting medications or mood swings. It is essential to keep a positive attitude and relax your body & mind throughout the treatment.

    What is the treatment is not successful?

    Most important to be kind to yourself. If the pregnancy was not possible it is not your fault. Make sure to take proper rest and break for a couple of months.

    Whenever you think of trying again with IVF then consider the factors which improve the success chances. Consult the fertility doctor to let you know what you can do.

    What are the reasons for failure?

    • If the embryo did not develop the embryo structure is not right. It means there might be a chromosomal issue that leads to early pregnancy.
    • If the blood flow is not proper to the uterus then support structure will be missing which increases miscarriage chances.
    • The mother’s body has an immune problem which makes the embryo considered a foreign body and not accept it.

    Why the treatment is canceled?

    • The patient is not responding to the drugs for egg stimulation.
    • Patient body over-responds to the medications.
    • There are zero eggs (i.e. the follicles have developed but empty)
    • The eggs are not properly matured so no embryo resulted
    • The embryo was not developed in the lab.

    Make sure to consult a fertility doctor to have an understanding of the procedure and improve the conception chances.

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