What all do you need to know about egg donation for infertile couples?

What all do you need to know about egg donation for infertile couples?

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    If a couple wants to become parents, then they should not lose hope. It is rightly said by someone, where there is a will there’s away. If you are an infertile couple, then you should visit the IVF centre in Punjab. The fertility doctor will examine the couple and identify the root of the problem. If a couple is unable to conceive due to the poor quality of eggs, then need not to worry. Donor eggs or donor embryos option is also available for such couples. In fact, this is available for the couples that are mentioned below:

    • If a woman is suffering from premature failure.
    • Declined ovarian reserve
    • Genetically transmitted diseases

    How can you find an egg donor?

    Some couples don’t want to know their egg donor and there are some couples who want to know the identity of an egg donor. If an egg donor and couples are having healthy relations, then the donor can receive updates about the child. A couple should always sign a contract so that they are not going to experience any kind of problem in the future.

    It depends upon the couple whether they want to use an egg donor or not. If the answer is yes, then the couple can ask about the egg donor from the fertility expert. You can also find an egg donor on your own. If you are wondering how then below are the way that will help you in searching for an egg donor.

    • You can do advertisements in college newspapers.
    • You can visit egg donor agencies.
    • You can also ask your family members like your younger sister, niece, friend, etc.

    What are the things you should consider in an egg donor?

    • You should check the medical history of the donor.
    • You should take an interview of an egg donor.
    • You should evaluate the donor after professional screening takes place.
    • You should also check whether the donor is having any genetic disorder or not like HIV.
    • You should check the age of the donor because younger women can produce good quality eggs.

    Expectations from egg donation

    The process of implantation & egg donation is quite similar to In-vitro-fertilization treatment. Firstly, a thorough exam will be conducted. The female partner requires a course of hormone treatments and preparations of fertilization will take place. For the superovulation, the donor will also be treated with hormones. When eggs are ready, then the doctor will take sperm from the male partner and fertilize with donor eggs. After the formation of embryos, the fertility specialist will implant in the uterus of the woman.


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