What are some misconceptions regarding In-Vitro Fertilization treatment?

What are some misconceptions regarding In-Vitro Fertilization treatment?

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    IVF treatment is considered as the boon for infertile couples as the treatment has evolved a lot. However, there are a number of misconceptions regarding the treatment. It might be spread due to many reasons such as misinterpretation in various shows, getting the wrong information from the person who is not having enough knowledge about it and much more. If you are not being able to conceive naturally then consult the fertility doctor at the best IVF centre in Punjab.

    At GOMTI, we believe in providing the best care to the patients as well as give them proper knowledge about the treatments, cost, procedure and so on. But in this blog we are going to discuss the misconceptions people are having regarding IVF that are mentioned below:


    • The chance of more than one baby increases with IVF

    People often think that IVF treatment will increase the chance of having a baby more than one. But you have false information because there is only IVF treatment where you can control the implantation of the embryo.


    Sometimes the fertility specialist implants more than one embryo to increase the rate of women getting pregnant. Some patients select elective single embryo transfer in which the doctor will transfer only one healthiest embryo in the uterus.


    There are other fertility treatments which are having only 25% of chances of women getting pregnant such as IUI i.e. intrauterine insemination.


    It is not about a person having triplets or twins there is a risk involved in the multiple gestations. The women having twins will be having more complications rather than women having a single child.


    • IVF reduces your ovarian reserve

    Another misconception people are having that the IVF procedure will waste the valuable eggs. The people think that it will decrease the chances of women getting pregnant due to low ovarian reserve. Low ovarian reserve means the women are not having enough eggs for fertilization.


    Due to lack of knowledge people start making assumptions which creates a doubt in their mind what they need to do. Every month the woman’s body chooses eggs naturally for stimulation and ovulation. No eggs of your body are affected by IVF cycle.


    • The treatment causes cancer

    This is another misconception in the mind of people that ovarian stimulation leads to cancer. The person might get tumors but not due to the IVF medications or treatment. One of the researchers has found out that the women can undergo the ovarian stimulation for six times which is safe and does not cause any major diseases.


    • Ovarian hyperstimulation

    People think that there is no method to control ovarian hyperstimulation during the IVF cycle. Though the patient will be observed by the doctor and if ovarian hyperstimulation is detected it can be cured with doses of medicines. The experience of the fertility specialist helps in the treatment because he will be taking all the precautions before only.



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