What are some natural treatments of blocked fallopian tubes?

What are some natural treatments of blocked fallopian tubes?

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    Blocked fallopian tubes are one of the major causes of infertility in women. The fallopian tubes form the path of the egg to the uterus. Their blockage can prevent successful conception. Fallopian tubes may be blocked due to damage, twisting or inflammation. The reasons for the same may be PID (pelvic inflammatory disease), ectopic pregnancy or uterine fibroids. However, women with this condition need not worry as there are natural methods to treat blocked tubes.

    Causes of Blocked Fallopian Tubes

    Fallopian tubes may become blocked due to –

    • endometriosis
    • suffering from STDs like gonorrhea or chlamydia
    • pelvic infection
    • a previously burst appendix
    • swelling in the fallopian tube

    Blocked fallopian tubes don’t show any visible symptoms. Sometimes the condition may become apparent only when you experience difficulty in conceiving. Having pain around the pelvic region or the belly can be an indication of the condition but is not seen in all the women suffering from the condition.

    Natural Remedies for Blocked Fallopian Tubes

    gynae Punjab will help you in rectifying the problem in a natural way –

    1. Say bye to smoking and drinking

    Everyone knows that smoking and drinking have an adverse effect on health. So kick start your fertility enhancement program by eliminating alcohol and tobacco .If you have been a smoker and drinker all your life, it is time to say goodbye to these habits and say hello to good health, happiness and fertility.

    1. Get Vitamin C-rich foods in your diet 

    Vitamin C performs an essential role in boosting our immunity and absorption of iron from our foods. Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons have high Vitamin C content. Grapefruit, bell peppers, strawberries, green peppers, broccoli and kiwi are also good sources of vitamin C.A diet rich in vitamin C  proves to be beneficial in blockage of fallopian tubes due to infection.

    1. Meditate and become stress-free 

    Stress is often the main culprit behind the health problems and infertility. Take the help of meditation to calm down your body and restore your hormonal balance. So it will help in conceiving your baby if you take out time to meditate during the day. Choose morning or evening time to do the same.

    1. Increase garlic consumption 

    This one is surprising but garlic is indeed a natural antibacterial agent that helps in boosting the immune system. Including garlic in your diet will help in preventing blood clots and platelet aggregation. It is a powerful agent for improving blood circulation. It is also known to reduce the formation of scabs and scars and prevents blockage of the fallopian tubes.

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