What are the 6 topmost tips to choose the top-rated IVF centre in India?

What are the 6 topmost tips to choose the top-rated IVF centre in India?

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    IVF is one of the most sought and effective techniques to boost conception chances. Its demand is increasing at a fast pace at the best test tube baby centre in Punjab. Moreover, you can get affordable treatment at the IVF centre in Punjab under the guidance of the best fertility expert. One thing which is clear that you cannot make the wrong choice while looking for the best IVF centre and fertility doctor. You cannot compromise in that as it is the first step to get successful results. Here are some of the tips to choose the best IVF centre:

    • Get enough information about the IVF centre

    Make sure that you get enough information about the IVF centre. Go through their website and check they should have the certification. During the consultation, you can also ask about the same.

    In addition, you need to check the experience and qualification of the IVF doctor. The expertise of the surgeon will ensure that you are in safe hands and they are well-versed with the treatment. So, make the choice wisely.

    • IVF centre success rate

    The success rate of IVF centre depends on different factors like availability of the treatment, number of IVF cycles performed by the doctor, experience of the doctor, and much more. The success rate will be different with every centre. You should check their website and know about the success rate with live birth. Although, the success rate should not be only the sole factor to make the decision. You should ensure the centre has the availability of latest techniques, treatment, best fertility doctor, and availability of necessities during your hospital stay.

    • Laboratory standards should be high

    For the IVF treatment or any other fertility treatment, the laboratory standards need to be high. It needs to adhere to the guidelines as given by the Indian council of medical research. In addition, they need to follow some of the protective measures which are mentioned below:

    • The user of laboratory clothing

    • Non-toxic gloves and masks

    • Eye and face protection

    • Use of vertical laminar-flow benches

    • Use of mechanical pipetting devices

    • Use of fume-hood in case of fixatives

    • Disinfection and sterilization of infected equipment

    • Disposal materials

    • Dissertation of sharp objects like needles in special containers

    • Information should be kept confidential

    For any IVF centre the patient’s reports & personal information must be kept confidential. It is one of the strict standards which needs to be followed by the centre. Be it the patient information, process of the embryo, source of games, and other important information should be kept confidential, in all regards.

    • Use of latest technology

    The IVF centre you choose should have the availability of all the latest technology and advanced reproductive methods. The top IVF centres will provide the treatment of IUI, ICSI, IVF, testicular sperm aspiration, egg freezing, frozen embryo transfer, tube reversal, Gamete intrafallopian transfer, pre-implantation genetic disorder, surrogacy, and many others.

    So, here are some of the important considerations for you to choose the best IVF centre in Punjab.

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