What are the causes of Premature Menopause?

What are the causes of Premature Menopause?

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    We have come across many cases of early menopause. Early menopause is the phenomenon in which the woman reaches menopause, before the age of 45 years. The reason may be either natural or induced. Premature menopause occurs when a person experiences menopause at the age of 40 years or before. Gynae moga suggests that the patient undergoes a complete check-up for determining whether they are facing premature menopause.

    Induced menopause occurs when ovaries are removed from the woman due to damage due to chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Genetics and health conditions contribute to the natural causes of premature menopause.

    Signs and symptoms

    Although a person may experience different symptoms during early or premature menopause, there are a few pointers to it –

    • Extended time between periods.
    • Periods might become longer or shorter, and their frequency can change.
    • spotting ( bleeding between periods)
    • heavy bleeding
    • periods that are  longer than a week
    • hot flashes
    • changes in libido
    • vaginal dryness
    • mood swings
    • loss of bladder control
    • difficulty in falling asleep
    • breaking into a sweat at night

    Women are advised to talk to their doctor if they notice some or any of these symptoms. The same may be caused due to some health conditions as well.

    Causes and risk factors 

    • Removal of the ovaries can contribute to the occurrence of experience premature or early menopause
    • radiation or chemotherapy
    • genetic predisposition
    • heavy smoking
    • being  obese or overweight
    • sedentary lifestyle
    • defects in the chromosomal structure
    • autoimmune disorders
    • epilepsy


    Diagnosis will be based on the signs and symptoms the patients show. If the patient has not had a period for a year, then the patient has entered the phase of menopause. If not, the doctor will order other tests that check the hormone levels and the overall health of the patient.


    Most treatments result in the reduction of the symptoms that a person experiences. Hormone replacement therapy is suggested if premature menopause occurs before the age of 40 years. If you reside in Punjab and are looking for gynae Punjab, then we can help you.

    Hormone replacement therapy helps in restoring the estrogen levels the woman had before menopause. Other symptoms of menopause will also be treated in this therapy.

    However, hormone replacement therapy is not recommended for heart disease, stroke, and breast cancer patients. The patients can consult the doctor about hormone therapy as their treatment.

    Is premature menopause reversible? 

    Although many treatments can help in delaying the onset of early menopause or symptoms associated with it, there are currently no methods available to reverse premature or early menopause.

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