What are the major causes of Ureteral stones

What are the major causes of Ureteral stones

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    Kidney stones are usually formed due to several factors. So, if you are suffering from kidney stones, then you need to know and understand everything about kidney and ureteral stones so that you can get the right treatment on time. You must talk to a specialist because only he can guide you properly about treatment options.

    Kidney stones can be formed in any person of any age group. Ureteral and kidney stones are usually formed when the good balance of substances is disturbed in the urine such as salts, water, and minerals. This disturbance results in a different types of stones, however, the most common type of stone is calcium form. This basically forms when the calcium levels change or disturbances in the urine.

    In this case, you must talk to a kidney stone doctor, so that you can get the right or suitable treatment on time as per your condition. He examines you to tell you the main cause of stones in the kidney and ureter. No doubt, it is too difficult to pinpoint the main reason behind this condition, but there are some factors that may increase the risk of developing stones in the kidney and ureter. These are-:

    Lack of fluids

    If a person does not drink enough water, then he may experience kidney stones because there is something in the urine, that makes it too sticky and leads to stones problem. To reduce the risk of stone formation, you need to drink plenty of water in a day such as 2 to 3 liters. However, make sure, you must avoid drinking sugary or caffeine-rich drinks too much because these will double your risk of developing stones.

    Medical conditions

    Several people are suffering from kidney stones problems due to certain medical conditions such as bowel problems and gout as well. These conditions affect the balance of urine, so you need to get the right treatment for these conditions immediately as well as kidney stones treatment.

    Your weight and hormonal problems

    You may not know that people with overweight are at greater risk of developing so many health conditions. This usually leads to a high rate of insulin and calcium, additionally, both these conditions are responsible for stone formation.

    Who is at greater risk of kidney and ureter stones?

    • Men are more likely at greater risk of kidney stones as compared to women.
    • Women who are experiencing post-menopausal or have had their ovaries removed are at greater risk of development of kidney stones.
    • Several people suffer from stones due to genetic reasons, this means if their parents had this type of problem in the previous years, they may experience kidney stone problem.
    • People who are suffering from urinary tract infections.

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