What are the major situations when infertility affects your relationship?

What are the major situations when infertility affects your relationship?

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    Infertility leads to emotional stress among individuals and it can even impact relationships. When a couple is trying to conceive it can lead to tension and conflict sometimes. In case you are diagnosed with infertility then it is important to determine the entire situation by consulting the doctor. If you are facing a problem, then you need to visit the best IVF centre in Punjab. Let’s understand some of the situations when infertility impacts personal relationships.

    Sexual stress increases while trying to get pregnant

    Stress is the major problem among couples as you need to time intercourse to know the most fertile time. Research has shown that sexual dysfunction is increased for men and women. If your personal life is stressful then it increases the overall tension in a relationship.

    Disagreements on When to Seek medical advice

    Couples mostly have disagreements when they need to get help. If you are trying for one year then you need to consult the doctor right away. In case you are older than 35, then get help within 6 months. Talking to the doctor will help you understand the symptoms in the right way. It is better to consult the doctor rather than making this a reason for conflict.

    Disagreements to tell other people about Infertility struggle

    Whether you want to talk to others about your infertility situation or not, is your personal decision. It is better to decide whom you need to tell your problem or not. If not, it can lead to an increase in complications. If your partner does not want to share your experience with others then it is possible he or she is embarrassed or they are ashamed. They feel infertility is a personal topic. If the person starts feeling isolated it can be extremely difficult to cope up with the situation.

    Feel that Infertility is your fault and your partner will leave

    It might be possible one of the partners feels that he or she is going to leave. Infertility can take a toll on your thoughts. The thought of not giving a child to your partner can lead to a stressful situation. If your relationship is strong then it becomes easier to manage the infertility situation. Taking self-blame is not the best choice to do. It is better to consult the fertility expert and learn about fertility treatment which increases your chances of conception.

    Misunderstandings Over Different Ways of Coping

    Everyone has a different way of coping with stress. Studies have shown that gender differences are there to cope up with infertility. These differences can lead to misunderstandings. At times, one partner can accuse others he or she is overreacting or they are not caring enough. Studies have shown that women face infertility stress more as compared to men.

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