What are the reasons for male infertility? How can one improve sperm count and quality?

What are the reasons for male infertility? How can one improve sperm count and quality?

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    What is the implication of male infertility?


    Male infertility is one of the customary and habitual causes for the impotency of the female to conceive. In a country like India, infertility is generally associated with females. But as a matter of fact, 2 in 6 cases of couples not able to have a baby is because of male infertility. But this is surely and definitely curable as long as the IVF centre in Punjab is helping you with this.

    There are many reasons which are among the contributory factors of infertility are as follow:

    • Azoospermia & Oligospermia are accountable for no sperm count & low sperm count respectively.
    • Once in a while, it takes place there is swelling in veins which are responsible for semen discharge. In that case, semen discharge is not adequate.
    • Sometimes, the sperms produced by the male partner are deficient. Some are not viable, some lose their direction and even in some cases, sperms are disfigured.
    • Hormonal disturbance or imbalance also leads to a lost conception probability.

    How to ameliorate your Sperm Count?

    One may be wondering,” I have made all the necessary changes in my lifestyle but why are the results still not the ones I wanted.” Then the answer to this is “Patience”. Because it takes roughly 72 days that means approximately 2 months for the creation of new sperms.

    • Amelioration in Custom habits or lifestyle
    • First and foremost, Neglect heavy consumption of alcohol and quit smoking. These two factors are highly responsible for making your sperms weak. Fragile sperms are not able enough to reach their destination. They die before fertilizing the egg,
    • It is recommended to give your testes a cool and chilled atmosphere. If you are used to wearing tight underwear, discard this habit.


    • Consumption of sperm superfoods 

    Sperm count and the quality of sperms are highly dependent on the type of food you are consuming. Sperms originate from the characteristics which your food habits have given. There is a necessity to intake the specified nutrients which are responsible for giving your sperms the best qualities and a good & required count.

    What are the significant and indispensable nutrients and their sources?


    • Coenzyme Q10 and Folate: 

    These two nutrients are intaken with the motive to provide energy or enthusiasm to sperms. These can generally be classified as a genus of antioxidants.

    • Coenzyme Q10 can be obtained from:
    • Non-Veg Sources: Meat and Liver
    • Nuts
    • Olives and Grape Seeds
    • Olives


    • Folate can be acquired from:
    • Legumes
    • Pulses
    • Beans
    • Lentils


    • Vitamin C and Vitamin E

    Vitamin C and E play a pivotal role to determine the structural characteristics of sperms. Following are the sources from which these can be intaken:

    • Vitamin C

    Vitamin C can be intaken from fruits that have citrus content like:

    • Oranges
    • Kiwi
    • Papaya
    • Vitamin E


    • Primary sources of Vitamin E are:
    • Oils like Wheat Germ Oil, Hazelnut Oil, etc.
    • Green Vegetables
    • Fresh fruits

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