What are the signs which tell you IVF is the best option of treatment? Do you need it?

What are the signs which tell you IVF is the best option of treatment? Do you need it?

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    When is IVF considered as the first treatment option?

    At the best IVF centre in Punjab, you will get detailed information about when you need to undergo the treatment and what type of treatment plan you need. There are certain situations in which IVF is considered as the only option and some of them are:

    • Severe tubal disease

    In some cases, both of the fallopian tubes are blocked and IVF is considered as the only option to conceive. The fallopian tubes connect the ovaries to the uterus. If the egg ovulated from the ovaries cannot reach the uterus and the egg & sperm cannot. This makes it difficult for women to conceive naturally.

    In such cases, IVF treatment is considered as the best choice for women to start a family on their own.

    • Male infertility

    If the male partner is diagnosed with infertility, then IUI with a sperm donor or IVF along with ICSI is recommended by the fertility expert.

    During IVF, the sperm sample is placed in a petri dish along with the egg. They are kept in a controlled environment which helps the sperm to fertilize the egg. IVF-ICSI is necessary for the women who are diagnosed with severe cases of sperm motility, or poor sperm shape. In case, the sperm count is extremely low, then also the doctor can suggest you this option.

    • High risk of genetic disease

    If you and your partner are at a high risk of passing on a genetic disease, then IVF is considered as the only and best option. The couple might be experiencing recurrent miscarriage and genetic problems. In such cases, the ideal choice is to undergo IVF with PGD or PGS.

    During these procedures the embryo is tested for a particular disease and normal chromosome count is checked. Your fertility expert will let you know which procedure you need to get.

    • Post-cancer fertility treatment

    If you have ovarian tissue, frozen eggs, or embryos then you need IVF to get pregnant. With the IUI procedure, frozen sperm cells are used. In case the sperm cells are in small amounts, then IVF is considered a reliable choice and it also increases the success rate.

    • When cryopreserved eggs are used

    Cancer is not only a reason when eggs are frozen. Many young women choose to get their eggs frozen and this reduces the risk of age-related fertility. If you freeze the eggs on time, it is going to increase the success chances of pregnancy with IVF treatment.

    When IVF is considered a second choice?

    Some couples may require surgery before undergoing treatment. In some cases, the underlying condition needs to be treated and then you can try fertility methods. The patient can be prescribed medications like Clomid, Gonadotropins, and IUI with Clomid.

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