What are the tips to prevent muscle strain and back stress for a new mom?

What are the tips to prevent muscle strain and back stress for a new mom?

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    Motherhood is the most beautiful phase but it does come with different challenges and mostly the sleepless night. For a new mom, most of her time is spent taking care of her child and she is not able to focus on her health. No matter if you have conceived naturally or undergo fertility treatment at the best IVF Centre in Punjab, you need to take proper care. In case, you are having trouble conceiving, then consult the best fertility expert. The Test tube baby cost starts from Rs 50,000 and it can vary from patient to patient.

    In this blog, our focus is on how you can prevent muscle strain and back stress if you have given birth to a child.

    What should you do when you lift the baby in and out of the crib?

    This is something which you will be doing throughout the day and for months. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

    • Do not lock the knees or lift the baby at arm’s length.
    • You should plant the feet, keep them shoulder-width apart & bend the knees as you go down to pick the baby.
    • Make sure that you bring your baby close to you when you want to lift them.

    How do you need to carry a car seat?

    If you have kept a car seat then make sure that you use it carefully. All of a sudden you are using a heavy car seat and trying to manage an extra 15 to 20 pounds of an elastic, squirming child, and padding. Make sure that you hold the seat correctly, otherwise, it will put pressure on the back. You need to:

    • Make sure that you keep both hands on the handle, bend the elbows, and carry the seat in front of you.
    • Maintain a distance between the car seat and torso, so that your lower back does not have pressure on it.
    • It would be better to put in the car seat first and then place the baby.

    What should you consider when breastfeeding?

    Breastfeeding is another different experience, but make sure that you get it done right. You need to hold your newborn for a long time, but not at the cost that it starts hurting your back. Here are some of the positions which you need to consider:

    • Reclining
    • Side-lying
    • Bringing baby to the breast

    What can I do to reduce back pain?

    First of all, make sure that you consult the doctor about what type of workout you need to follow. Make sure that you incorporate the right kind of strengthening exercise in your daily regime. But, do not put extra pressure on the back which can make the condition worse. In many cases, yoga seems the best option as it increases flexibility.

    Final thought

    If you are a new mom and having trouble with back pain & muscle strain, then consult our healthcare expert right away. She will make you understand better what you should do.

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