What are the topmost tips to deal with the negative impact of infertility and COVID-19?

What are the topmost tips to deal with the negative impact of infertility and COVID-19?

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    Recently, the COVID-19 has stopped everyone from getting access to medical treatment. Mostly, the women who are trying to conceive but facing problems for a long time are worried their success will decline greatly. In that case, you must consult the best infertility doctor at the IVF centre in Punjab.

    Some essential tips to cope with IVF and this stressful time:

    • Stay in shape and eat right

    One of the major causes of infertility is obesity. The BMI plays a crucial role in fertility and if it is over 30 then it affects the reproductive organs, assisted reproduction, increases the chances of miscarriage, and many other health issues. If you are going to stay inside for the next few months and then make sure you stay physically fit.

    • Not only the women are impacted

    The people who are trying to conceive their main focus is on health. Obesity can impact the male partner’s health also. You must eat healthy and exercise daily. It is important to focus on your physical health. Make sure to include the essential antioxidants in your diet like Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and green food which are the staple for good health.

    • Start taking supplements

    It is important to take the essential supplements as suggested by your doctor. You should include multivitamins and omega-3 acids, zinc, and folic acid is essential. Make sure before you take any supplement you need to take the doctor’s opinion.

    • Do not smoke and drink

    Several studies have shown that excessive alcohol consumption is the major reason for infertility. In the same way, tobacco can leave a negative impact on your health. If the couple is trying to conceive then both of them need to stop these habits. Make sure to maintain your overall health.

    • Focus on the basics

    You need to focus on the positive aspects of your life and give time to your relationship. Set a time to talk about COVID-19 and fertility. But, make sure it does not go beyond 30 minutes and after time you should discuss this in the entire day. Along with that, start meditating and you should support each other in a tough time.

    • Consult the fertility expert from time to time

    It is important to consult your reproductive endocrinologist for the next few months. You need to stay in touch by phone, email, and telemedicine. Make sure you are ready to proceed as soon as the IVF clinic starts seeing the patients or everything is back on track. No doubt, the safety of everyone is the utmost concern at this time.




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