What are the topmost tips to increase the success chances of embryo transfer?

What are the topmost tips to increase the success chances of embryo transfer?

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    The most important part of IVF treatment is the embryo transfer and every patient has its journey as some can have ups and downs. At the IVF centre in Punjab, this is the last step of the treatment that builds a pathway for building a family.

    Tips to increase the success of embryo transfer

    • Take necessary medications on time

    Whether it is fresh or frozen embryo transfer, you will be taking medications. Make sure you take them on time and follow all the instructions given by your doctor.

    If you are planning to travel then make sure to take them along with you and ask the doctor if there is anything specific that needs to be kept in mind.

    • Plan in advance

    When you have your appointment, make sure never to reach late. This is why, you should consider the traffic, weather and other issues in mind which can lead to delay. If it is a long drive, then make sure you get up early and leave on time for your appointment.

    • Ask the doctor about the procedure

    It is best to ask the doctor about the questions beforehand which makes the entire procedure go smoothly. No question is irrelevant so ask everything which comes to your mind.


    What happens on the day of Embryo Transfer?

    • You need to take the medications as prescribed by the doctor.
    • Make sure you drink water before the procedure, otherwise the doctor will wait till the bladder is full. Having a full bladder will make it easier for the embryo to be transferred easily and helps the provider to see the catheter easily.
    • The patient might be prescribed Valium for the procedure. This helps to have a full bladder that makes it comfortable and the uterus is relaxed.
    • In the room, you need to get undressed from the waist down and cover up with a sheet and lie down on the exam table. The feet need to be in footrests and hips at the edge of the exam table. Usually, you can have one family member or your friend along with you.


    What instructions do you need to follow after the embryo transfer?

    Some of the recommendations given by the best fertility doctor include:

    • The implantation occurs on the day of or day following the transfer, so you have got 2 days to relax. Mostly, the procedure is done in the afternoon so that the patient gets time to relax at home in the evening or at night.
    • After the procedure, you can work from home. If you cannot take a day off, there is no need to worry as it won’t affect the results.
    • You should take it easy and do not stress about anything. It would be best to have someone along with you to do the small tasks.


    What about the 2-week wait?

    During the 2-week wait, follow the instructions given by the doctor and relax by doing yoga or listen to soothing music. You simply need to take one step at a time, and everything will be okay!

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