What are Uterine fibroids? How Uterine fibroids and fertility are linked?

What are Uterine fibroids? How Uterine fibroids and fertility are linked?

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    What are Uterine fibroids?

    Fibroids are referred to as the overgrowth of tumor cells but these are not cancerous. As per the experienced gynecologist in Punjab, the exact reason behind uterine fibroids is not known. Taking expert assistance will help you understand better what should be done to make your situation better. The prevalence of uterine fibroids is common in women at the age of 20, 30, or 40. In case you are trying to conceive, then you should visit our IVF centre in Punjab, to improve your chances of conception.

    How uterine fibroids and fertility is linked?

    Although it is not common, there is a relationship between fertility and uterine fibroids, that the women’s fertility is impacted. Although fibroids will not affect your ovulation they will affect the uterus ability to perform normal functioning.

    The most common fibroids are referred to as submucosal fibroids. However, the exact mechanism between fertility and fibroids is not known, so it is possible that the blood flow is not proper to the uterine lining. Due to this, it will not get thick and the fertility egg will not get implanted the way it needs to.

    Also, other fibroids types can affect fertility. If the size of the fibroid is large then it will impact the uterus structure which increases the chances of miscarriage and uterus will not be able to stretch and grow to develop the embryo,

    Treatment option

    The women with fibroids mostly do not experience any symptoms and mostly it is important to do watchful waiting, which means keeping an eye on the entire situation. In case, the women have significant symptoms then treatment is needed for removal so that their condition gets better and their quality of life is improved. Some of the treatment options which can be considered are:

    Endometrial ablation

    In this treatment, the energy or heat is removed to remove the uterine lining & treat the abnormal bleeding which happens due to fibroids. In such cases, the chances of pregnancy are also affected to a great extent.

    Uterine Artery embolization

    During uterine artery embolization, tiny particles are injected into the arteries which lead to the uterus and it cuts down the blood flow which reaches the fibroids. Choosing this treatment option will eliminate and shrink the fibroid tumors And it even affects the blood flow which reaches the ovaries.


    It is the surgical removal of fibroids that are causing scarring and there are increased chances of it affecting future fertility. Different surgical options are considered by the doctor. The doctor will ensure that the best treatment plan is selected by determining your condition.

    Is it viable for women with fibroids to freeze their eggs?

    Before fibroid treatment, the eggs can be frozen which is termed as embolization and this prevents the eggs from getting damaged further. Moreover, women who are not able to become pregnant naturally can benefit from these eggs through the use of IVF.

    If you are concerned about your situation, then schedule the initial consultation with our fertility expert today only!

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