What Causes blood in the Semen?

What Causes blood in the Semen?

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    These days, several men are suffering from several health conditions. They may experience blood in semen while ejaculating, this condition is additionally known as hematospermia. So, you have to talk to your specialist to know the reasons behind or get the proper treatment for blood in semen condition.

    Blood in semen is additionally known as hematospermia. This condition is stressful for those who are experiencing it. In this condition, they feel low and they may avoid talking to anyone about blood in semen. According to the study, almost 60 to 70% of males are suffering from this condition, but don’t know the exact reason behind this health issue. Visiting a urologist centre will help you and you can get detailed information about this condition.

    What is hematospermia?

    It is not common for a male, who experiences the blood in semen while ejaculating. Due to it, your semen may have a pink tinge or brownish-red in color. Males, who are at their 40, generally experience this condition, and this condition is further related to further several health conditions. So, you have to talk to a urologist in Punjab, because he can tell you what to do to get rid of this condition.

    Causes of blood in the semen

    The main reason behind blood in semen is a minor injury that is caused due to a surgical procedure. Additionally, people who take a prostate biopsy will experience this condition. Or if you take urinary problem treatments, a vasectomy, radiation therapy, and injections for hemorrhoids, then you are at greater risk of having blood in semen.

    Other causes including injury to the testicles, a fractured pelvis, and even vigorous sexual activity lead you to hematospermia. Moreover, if you experience any type of obstruction in the small tubes as well as ducts in the reproductive organs, then these conditions lead you to bleed.

    As per a new study, some people are suffering from this phenomenon, because of certain health conditions such as-:

    • Severe high blood pressure
    • A blood-clotting disorder, prostate
    • Testicular or bladder cancer
    • Small stones in the seminal vesicles known as seminal vesicle calculi.

    Some people ask us if this condition contributes to infertility. Well not, but in certain cases, if you are suffering from the severe condition. So, you do not delay the diagnosis of this condition.

    Diagnosis of blood in semen

    For diagnosis, you must find the best specialist near you and he may ask you certain things about your life such as your age, other health conditions, medical history, and how many times you notice blood in semen while ejaculating. If you are below 40 years, then there is no need to undergo any type of test to know the reason.

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