What Changes Does IVF brings in the body?

What Changes Does IVF brings in the body?

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    IVF treatment is designed for infertile couples, who are unable to have their own baby. You may not be aware of it that your body experiences so many changes during this process such as pain, Uneasiness, and discomfort. But don’t worry about anything because your doctor will also give you the medications in order to get relief from pain.

    It is normal to feel nervous during pregnancy but they also feel nervous when they take IVF treatment. They feel nervous about the success of IVF treatment. In order to get this treatment, you need to visit the IVF centre so that we can guide each and everything related to the IVF procedure.

    IVF stands for In-Vitro Fertilization which is designed to treat infertile couples. You must understand the IVF procedure first, which has 4 phases such as-:

    • Stimulation of the ovaries with the help of medicines
    • Egg and sperm retrieval process
    • Fertilization which is performed outside the body in the fertility clinic.
    • Embryo transfer into women’s uterus for conception.

    These are explained below-:

    The initial step

    In the first step, your specialist recommends you some type of blood tests and you have to tell the doctor about your menstruation cycle. He will surely give you the fertility medicines in order to stimulate the ovaries so that these can produce healthy eggs. These also include hormone supplements which are useful to produce more mature eggs.

    Retrieval of eggs

    Then you have to visit the doctor so that he can collect healthy eggs. And, this egg retrieval process is performed in the clinic and prior to ovulation. During this procedure, your doctor will surely give you the pain medication so that you can not feel any type of discomfort and pain during the egg retrieval process. And then your doctor will insert the fine needle in your vagina in order to collect healthy and mature eggs which take only 20 minutes.

    Sperm retrieval

    Well, this procedure is almost the same as the egg retrieval process but not properly. In this phase, you do not need any type of stimulation tablets because those are only for ladies. Your doctor will collect the sperm cells with the help of a needle from the testicles. This can be collected with TESA or TESE method.

    Egg fertilization methods

    Fertilization is done outside the human body in the clinical lab. In this process, the specialist uses mature and healthy eggs & sperm cells so that they can develop healthy embryos for conception.

    Embryo transfer

    This is actually performed 6 days after the egg retrieval process. This is a totally painless procedure, in which your doctor carefully transfer the embryos in your uterus.

    And this whole procedure will give you successful results.

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