What diet you must eat during preconception?

What diet you must eat during preconception?

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    Diet does play an important role when you are planning to conceive. But that does not mean you should wait till the time you have conceived. Even before that it is essential to make sure you are eating healthy. In this topic we are going to focus on the diet to eat during preconception.

    For healthy and smoother pregnancy it is very important to start eating healthy even before you have conceived. When you follow a proper diet before conception it boosts fertility and this will lower the birth defects risk like spina Bifida. Well, here is the nutrition guide your gynae Punjab also recommends every woman to follow before preconception.

    Essential Nutrients during preconception

    As a mom-to-be, you need to add healthy food items which are rich in nutrients and it includes:


    • Calcium


    Calcium helps in keeping the reproductive system function smoothly and help you conceive faster. Around 99% of this will be for teeth and bone health which will also be for your future baby development. If it is low then it can lead to other issues like brittle bones (osteoporosis). So it is important to increase the intake of food items like:

    – Milk

    – Yogurt (Daily intake: One cup which is around 415mg per servings)

    – Cheese

    – Kale and broccoli

    Women who are undergoing IVF treatment should visit the IVF centre right away when they are facing any issue to clear their doubts.


    • Folic acid


    Vitamin B9 (Vitamin B) is another essential nutrient. Around 400mcg of folic acid is essential before one month of trying. It is essential for forming healthy cells and also prevent birth defects. You should include:

    – Fortified cereals

    – Strawberries and oranges

    – Beans and nuts

    – Leafy green vegetables (kale, spinach, broccoli, swiss chard, and bok choy.)

    – Nuts and beans


    • Iron


    Women who are trying to conceive will have to wait longer to conceive when the iron levels are low. This is very important as it improves the oxygen level in the body which is important for the baby. Everyday women should have 18mg per day. Some other sources are:

    – Lean meat (chicken, turkey, and beef)

    – Fortified breakfast cereals

    – Spinach


    • Protein


    This is another nutrient essential for baby’s health. When you are trying to conceive stick to 2 to 3 servings of plant-based diet like seeds, nuts, and legumes. Some of the sources are:

    – Fish

    – Lean meat

    – Black beans


    • Iodine


    This is important for making thyroid hormone which controls the metabolism and its daily intake should be 150mcg per day. You should include the food item like:

    – Milk, cheese, and yogurt.

    – Iodized salt

    If you have any doubts regarding the diet then you must talk to the doctor for better understanding.

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