What Does A New Medical Study Have To Say About PCOS Treatment?

What Does A New Medical Study Have To Say About PCOS Treatment?

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    PCOS study with its new suggestion of fertility treatment

    PCOS is one of the most common conditions that have been the most talked about among individuals. Certainly, several implications can come to light about fertility treatment and necessary results. There’sThere’s a possibility that the analysis can make it even better for women to undergo PCOS Treatment in Punjab with greater ease and comfort.

    PCOS medical diagnosis requires utmost care

    PCOS is one of the most extensively studied medical conditions closely related to female infertility and its metabolic syndrome. Moreover, women have a higher risk of hypertension, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. PCOS represents several conditions with it, which is why it requires utmost care about the same. PCOS is one such condition that causes a close relationship with a woman having difficulty conceiving independently. And that’s the reason there are increased cases of women looking for one of the Best IVF Centre in Moga to boost their chances of conception.

    New study on PCOS revealing new data

    PCOS and its relation with female infertility have significantly come to light. One of the attributes has shown that the problem can lead to greater chances of failure to ovulate, i.e., anovulation. There’s also a possibility that the condition can get affected by obesity and high testosterone levels. In many cases, there’s greater difficulty in understanding the desired relation between the same.

    One thing has also come to light, and that’s the poor prognosis of the patients, especially when the condition is extremely severe. There have been several cases where it’s not known how the situation is linked or how it is metabolic syndrome. It’s necessary for the higher-risk patients to get PCOS treatment; it leads to infertility assistance as compared to healthy individuals.

    Reasons for infertility in PCOS patients

    There’sThere’s a clear understanding of the fact that PCOS patients do have extremely high levels of testosterone. But there are many cases when PCOS patients are infertile having low testosterone levels. So, what’s the reason behind the same? In that case, it’s the half and half production through adrenals and ovaries. With that said, there’s more likely to result in low testosterone levels and insufficient androgen production required to keep the entire state balanced.

    H-PCOS diagnosis is essential

    It’sIt’s extremely important to get the H-PCOS diagnosis on time. The problem is that the androgen level is too high. The h-PCOS diagnosis can be known through the possible factors:

    • Lean BMI

    • Female Infertility

    • High SHBG

    • Autoimmunity condition

    • Multiple failed IVF cycle

    • Poor embryo quality and quantity

    • Poor egg quality

    • High level of AMH for age and in proportion to FSH

    Make your infertility manageable with the expertise of a fertility doctor

    At Gomti Thapar Hospital, you will get to make an informed decision on how you need to proceed further if you have PCOS. The fertility doctor will guide you about everything in detail to make the entire journey manageable. In case there’s any doubt on your mind then make sure to discuss the same with the doctor.

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