What does Urine Color Indicate about Health?

What does Urine Color Indicate about Health?

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    You may not notice but your urine changes colors if you are not normal. It is an indication of your state of health. Of course, the change in color can be caused due to medications, or food dyes. However, these changes could be due to some medical conditions. According to an urologist, it is important to note the color of the urine. If you are suffering from any urinary infection or condition, it will surely be indicated by the color of urine. You can get it treated by visiting the urology centre.

    As we all know, urine consists of the body’s liquid waste. It contains water along with salt and some chemicals like urea and uric acid. Usually, the color of the urine is determined by the dilution level of the urochrome pigment which is made up of hemoglobin. The consistency and frequency of the urine should also be noted.

    Transparent urine

    Clear or transparent urine is an indication of too much water consumption. If you see a transparent, colorless urine, you might require cutting down on your fluid intake.

    Cloudy or foamy urine

    Cloudy or foamy urine indicates an extra amount of minerals in the body. But sadly it may also be an indicator of UTI or impaired kidney function. Dehydration may also cause the condition.

    Pale yellow or gold urine

    Pale yellow to gold urine indicates that you are normal and healthy. People should notice their urine color so that they can notice a change in it if it so happens.

    Amber or dark yellow urine

    Amber or dark yellow colors may be normal but are usually caused by the scarcity of water in the body. So better drink some glasses of water if you see this color of urine.

    Bright yellow urine

    It is usually a sign of your consumption of vitamins and minerals. If you are in the habit of popping vitamin supplements, then your urine will look like this.

    Brown urine

    Brown colored urine indicates severe dehydration.It could also mean that you are suffering from a liver condition. It may be a sign of melanoma skin cancer too. However, something as trivial as consuming aloe or fava beans could also cause brown urine.Some medicines like chloroquine or metronidazole can also be the reason behind it.

    Red and pink urine

    Red or pink urine can be due to the presence of blood in your urine or  (hematuria) which indicates kidney disease. The reason could also be a prostate problem or urinary tract infection. However,  the consumption of blueberries or beetroot could also be the reason.

    Orange urine

    Orange urine is a clear indication of dehydration but could also be caused due to a liver or bile duct condition. Consumption of large amounts of carrots or carrot juice can also cause it. Certain medicines like phenazopyridine, isoniazid, high doses of riboflavin can also be responsible.

    What to do when the color changes? 

    If you notice abnormal colored urine for an extended period, it is wise to seek medical assistance. Maybe your urine is trying to tell you something about your health.

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