What is a Fertility Window and why it is complicated?

What is a Fertility Window and why it is complicated?

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    Pregnancy is the best time period of ladies, that everyone wants to enjoy. If you are struggling to conceive then must talk to a doctor once and get information about fertility and fertility window as well. Here in this topic we are going to tell you everything about the fertility window.

    Pregnancy is the most important period of every woman’s life, that gives her real happiness. However, the majority of ladies are unable to enjoy this period due to some factors. Some ladies even do not know anything about their fertility, in this case, a check-up is essential in order to get the knowledge of health condition and fertility as well.

    Let’s talk about the fertility window in this guide so that you can gain knowledge about fertility. It is normal or common that every woman experience period every month, that reveals your health condition. If you do not experience periods for several months or experience missing period then must talk to the gynecologist for a check-up. Well, this is not necessary that you first experience the problem and only then consult gynae in Punjab. A routine check-up is also necessary to maintain good fertility. Since there are so many factors that contribute to infertility in women. You must discuss all the things with your specialist during the consultation. And also ask him about how to improve the chances of getting pregnant.

    Your ‘fertility window’

    The average menstrual cycle of every woman is 28 days, but not everyone has the same due to some problems. If you are suffering from hormonal conditions, then it will surely affect your menstrual cycle. So, it is necessary to get information about when is the right time to get pregnant or conceive.

    Signs of ovulation in a lady

    The most important signs of ovulation in a woman are listed below-:


    • An increased Basal Body Temperature (BBT)
    • Breast tenderness
    • Discharge


    How to maximize the chances of conception?

    Yes, it is necessary to talk to a doctor to improve your chances of conception. He will surely tell you everything in detail such as you need to maintain a healthy weight, consume a healthy diet, get a routine check-up, exercise matters a lot, and so on. Well, cancer patient also at a greater risk of infertility, because chemotherapy not only kills the cancer growth cells but also affect your ovaries as well, which produce healthy eggs. In this case, you can preserve your fertility with the help of egg or embryo freezing.

    Otherwise, you need to go through IVF treatment, that is specially designed to treat infertility. Do not take tension about anything because this completely safe and secure procedure.

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