What is an IVF process? Are the test tube baby process & IVF Process the same?

What is an IVF process? Are the test tube baby process & IVF Process the same?

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    According to the fertility experts of the IVF Centre in Punjab, “It is a technique that aims at fertilising the ovum outside the female’s body and once it has resulted into the embryo then it is placed in the uterus. It is considered as the procedure that is the last resort and is taken into account when all the other kinds of the procedures have failed.”

    In this blog, we shall be knowing about all the aspects concerning the IVF procedure and the test tube baby cost.

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    What happens in the IVF procedure?

    When you visit a fertility clinic in Moga for taking up the IVF process, then you can expect the following things to take place:

    This is the kind of process in which the oocytes are taken from the maternal ovaries. These are fertilised by the sperms in the liquid medium. No sooner than the zygote has formed, it will be transferred to the uterus so that the pregnancy can be triggered.

    Please Note:

    There is no huge difference between the IVF and the test tube baby.

    The baby which the female will deliver after taking up the IVF Process is known as a test tube baby.

    Is there any prerequisite for the IVF process?

    To perform an IVF procedure, fertility experts must perform the ovarian stimulation process. The predominant goal of this process is the development of several follicles.

    Is it an expensive procedure?

    No, the IVF procedure is not all expensive. But yes, one thing is sure to be mentioned there that the test tube baby cost is not the same in all the cases. It is distinctive for different couples.

    How can the doctors predict whether the IVF procedure is going to be successful or not?

    There are so many factors that helps the doctors to determine whether the IVF procedure is going to be successful or not:

    • Age of the patient
    • Medical History of the patient
    • Previous Surgeries
    • IVF Centre
    • Success Rate

    Is it possible to conceive with one cycle of IVF?

    Usually, the couples can conceive with single IVF cycles. But sometimes, one cycle is not enough and the couples have to go through two or three cycles. So we can surely say that it varies from person to person. Even the doctors can not decide in the beginning whether the procedure is going to be successful or not.

    Average Cost

    The average IVF cost may range between 1.5 to 1.8 lacs.


    Facts to know:

    • The children which are born through this process are known as both the following:
    • Test Tube Babies
    • IVF Babies
    • The first IVF baby born was named ‘Louis Brown’. He was the world’s first baby who took birth on July 25, 1978, in England.
    • The couple who opted for the IVF Technique to have Louis, went for the IVF technique to conceive again. This time, they delivered a baby girl who was named Natalie.

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    If you were looking for specific information which you did not find in the blog, then please let us know. We shall try to publish that information in our next blog.

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