What Is Female Urine Leakage Problem, Its Common Symptoms, And Causes?

What Is Female Urine Leakage Problem, Its Common Symptoms, And Causes?

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    Female Urine Leakage Problem or Urinary inconsistency can be very embarrassing; at times, it can also hinder your social life. The loss of bladder control is a widespread problem that many goes through.

    Although it generally occurs more as people grow older, it is not directly related to aging.

    If urinary inconsistency becomes a nuisance in completing your daily activity, you must immediately visit a Urologist in Firozpur at Gomti Thapar Hospital.

    We have a panel of experts that would guide you with the utmost dignity and the best advice.

    Symptoms Of Urinary Inconsistency

    Some people may have an urge to urine at small to moderate more frequently than others who might experience irregular, minor urine leaks.

    • Stress Incontinence: when you lift some heavyweight, laugh, sneeze, cough, or exercise, it may create some pressure in your bladder, leading it to urine leak immediately.
    • Urge Incontinence: it generally occurs due to some minor condition, including mild infection or severe condition such as neurological disorder or diabetes. In urge incontinence, you might have an instant urge to urine, followed by an unconscious urine leak, or an involuntary need to urine at night.
    • Overflow Incontinence: as the bladder is not completely empty, you might feel dribbling of urine constantly.
    • Functional Incontinence: suffering from mental or physical impairment can also be a reason for urinary inconsistency, which may cause symptoms of functional Incontinence. For example, being unable to unbutton your pants fast enough while suffering from arthritis becomes a hindrance in making it to the toilet.
    • Mixed Incontinence: when you might experience more than one urine incontinence at a time. It is mainly seen as a combination of stress incontinence and urges Incontinence.

    When To Seek Doctors Advice?

    There may be a little embarrassment and shyness while discussing urinary inconsistency. But it is essential to talk to a Urologist in Faridkot, primarily when it is affecting your daily life, including:

    • Becoming an obstacle in completing your daily activities in life or restricting your social communication.
    • When it indicates a primary medical condition.
    • Have a negative influence on your life.

    What Is The Causes Of Urinary Inconsistency?

    There are particular food and beverage switch that might trigger this condition which includes:

    • Alcohol
    • Overdose of Vitamin C
    • Caffeine
    • Medicines for heart and blood pressure.
    • Carbonated drinks.
    • Chili peppers
    • Chocolate
    • Artificial sweeteners
    • Citrus fruits
    • Sugary or spicy food items

    Medical conditions may also cause urinary inconsistency incluing:

    • Urinary tract infection: if you have an infection, it might lead to irritation in your bladder, resulting in an immediate urge to urine.
    • Constipation: the rectum is situated nearby the bladder, and they also share nerves. Impacted stool leads those nerves to overactive hence resulting in an urgent urge to urine.



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