What is ICSI and When to Choose ICSI

What is ICSI and When to Choose ICSI

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    ICSI ( Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) has become more of a rule than the exception in modern fertility treatments. It has helped IVF in elevating its success rate. It is being incorporated in 50 per cent of IVF cases to achieve high success rates. The procedure is usually undertaken in cases where the male fertility rates are low. ICSI treatment plays a significant role in improving the chances of fertilization in cases with low sperm count.

    ICSI Procedure 

    The procedure is very well defined and precise. It involves the injecting of the sperm directly into the egg during the IVF session. It uses the services of only one sperm. The IVF doctor will figure out the best sperm to ensure that the fertilization takes place. Post fertilization, the fertilized egg is transferred to the woman’s body with the help of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) techniques. IVF Moga is a suitable choice if you are considering IVF.

    When should one opt for ICSI?

    One should select the procedure for oneself after consulting and obtaining the recommendation of the medical professional. Given below are the situations in which ICSI is ideal-

    • If the male partner has a poor sperm count.
    • If the male has suffered from Poor Sperm Morphology (a condition in which the sperm produced are abnormally shaped and slow-moving).
    • Men with Retrograde Sperm Ejaculation (a condition in which the men can’t ejaculate properly as the semen flows back to the urinary bladder). Procedures like TESA and MESA  are used to collect the sperm directly from the epididymis. The collection is followed by ICSI.
    • It can also be used in cases where the male partner is suffering from Azoospermia ( a condition in which the man has no sperms in his ejaculate).
    • It is also used in cases in which men are not able to have sufficient erection and fail to ejaculate due to health problems.
    • Couples who have faced problems in fertilization in their previous IVF cycles.
    • Women who have a low yield of eggs during egg retrieval.

    What to consider when planning for ICSI?

    You must keep the following things in mind before you decide to choose ICSI-

    If we go by the various studies related to ICSI, there are high chances of the embryo having birth defects with artificial insemination and IVF.

    According to some researchers, it may influence the imprinting process. Imprinting is a process due to which certain genes of the baby function in a different manner. The way the imprinting happens depends on whether the chromosome was passed by the mother or the father to the baby.

    It is highly recommended that the couple discusses all the pros and cons of the procedure with the medical professionals before deciding on the technique.

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