What is ICSI treatment? How ICSI procedure helps infertility patients?

What is ICSI treatment? How ICSI procedure helps infertility patients?

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    Parenthood is one of the happiest phases in a couple’s life. However, many couples are not able to go through this phase due to certain issues. In simple terms, they are not able to conceive naturally due to infertility issues. Consulting the gynecologist in Punjab will help you determine what should be done to manage your condition. Infertility can occur in any of the partners or both of them can have infertility issues that prevent them from conceiving naturally. In case, you are trying to conceive for the last 6 months or one year, then you need to visit the best IVF centre in Punjab.

    With technological advancement, it has made it possible for the couple to undergo fertility treatment. By doing so, it improves their conception chances. One such procedure for that is ICSI.

    What is ICSI?

    ICSI stands for Intracytoplasmic sperm Injection, which is the treatment when the eggs or sperm are collected from the partner and fertilization is performed. Basically, with ICSI a sperm is injected into the egg. In many cases, ICSI is suggested for the IVF cycle. In other cases, the treatment is suggested to those couples who have a severe case of infertility. During the initial consultation, the fertility expert will check your overall condition, and accordingly, you will be told what type of treatment plan will improve your conception chances.

    Why do we need ICSI?

    Some of the possible causes of infertility, where ICSI can prove beneficial are mentioned below. It is the optimal procedure that allows overcoming infertility in many situations. Let’s understand them in detail:

    • Low sperm count means artificial insemination is not possible through IVF or IUI. So, ICSI is the preferred choice.

    • Poor sperm motility means sperm movement is not right.

    • Problem with sperm while attaching it to the egg or while the fertilization needs to be done.

    • The blockage in the male reproductive organ makes it difficult for the sperm to come out and meet the egg.

    • The reason for infertility made it difficult for fertilization to happen earlier through IVF. SO, the fertility expert suggested getting an IVF/ICSI cycle.

    • To use the frozen eggs for conception.

    • Improper sperm shape.

    How ICSI procedure is done?

    Like IVF, the female partner is given fertility drugs for stimulating ovaries which helps the eggs to get mature for fertilization. Once the eggs are ready for collection the doctor will retrieve them through the outpatient method and freeze them for later use. On the other hand, the quality sperm needs to be selected so that it can be injected into the egg directly.

    Wrap up!

    If you are facing a problem conceiving, then schedule the earliest appointment with our fertility doctor. Do not waste a single instance. Through ICSI different couples have been able to enjoy the journey of parenthood. Consult our fertility expert for detailed information and get a customized treatment plan to improve your conception chances.

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