What is OHSS and its Risk?

What is OHSS and its Risk?

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    Infertility is a heartbreaking condition that is common in both sexes. If you are suffering from this infertility condition, then you need to go through fertility treatment such as In-Vitro fertilization. And you also need to understand the risk associated with this treatment option, so that you can get the right treatment.

    What is OHSS?

    OHSS is explained as Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, which is a potentially serious complication of IVF infertility treatment. IVF stands for in-vitro fertilization, which is designed for infertile couples. Infertility is explained as an inability to have own baby naturally after trying several times. In this condition, you need to talk to the lady doctor and get information about this condition.

    Causes of OHSS

    You may not know that the cause of this condition is not fully understood, but an investigation reveals that women who undergo IVF treatment are at greater risk of this condition. Well, most women are experiencing OHSS problem due to fertility drugs. Fertility drugs are used in this IVF treatment to stimulate the ovaries so that you can produce healthy eggs. These drugs are not suitable to every lady, some ladies have too sensitive system, that does not support these drugs.

    And the consumption of these drugs outcomes in OHSS condition. This is caused due to high level of HCG, that is additionally known as human chorionic gonadotropin. This is a type of hormone that women basically produced during pregnancy. During infertility treatment, this hormone is responsible for the release of mature eggs. And OHSS occurs within a week after a lady receives an hCG injection. And this OHSS condition is responsible to produce more HCG during the pregnancy period.

    Who is at greater risk to get Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome?

    As we said earlier, women who have very sensitive systems are at greater risk to get this OHSS condition. In this condition, you develop too many eggs in the ovaries which leads you to pain and discomfort as well. There are several other women who are at greater risk of this condition include-:

    • Women who are suffering from Polycystic ovary syndrome
    • Ladies who have a large number of follicles
    • Who are in their 30s and getting IVF treatment.
    • Ladies with low body weight
    • Women with High or steeply increasing level of estrogen prior to an HCG Injection

    In these conditions, you have to meet the gynae, so that you can get a suitable treatment as per your condition. She will examine the signs of this condition, and then recommend you the treatment option. However, in order to reduce the risk of OHSS, you have to follow all the instructions of the doctor.

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