What is Ovarian Reserve and Chances of IVF?

What is Ovarian Reserve and Chances of IVF?

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    The success of IVF depends on the woman’s age. Ovarian reserve is one of the things which top the prediction chart of the treatment success when you are planning to start a family. With this, the doctor can customize the treatment plan. Read the given topic to learn more.

    What is Ovarian Reserve?

    In the IVF treatment, the stimulation protocols are used with this the woman ovaries can be stimulated by using the fertility medications. It is a fact that when a woman is born she has all the eggs that will be used throughout her life. So, age is an essential factor which affects the ovarian reserve.

    For many women, the eggs are genetically balanced or normal but there will be some eggs that are genetically abnormal or unbalanced. By genetically abnormal eggs it means the increasing proportion of abnormal chromosomes in embryos and eggs. So, with an increase in age, the eggs get less and the ability to correct the problem which happens because the cell divides.

    Studies have shown that the best eggs are ovulated first which means fewer eggs are there which will respond to the fertility medications as the women age. This means the normal embryo will be less which needs to be implanted into the woman’s reproductive tract. Your IVF doctor will check the ovarian reserve and according to that, they will give the treatment plan which improves the chances of conception.

    How does the Ovarian Reserve is affected?

    Some women are not able to respond to the process of ovarian stimulation despite their young age. They might be born with eggs which are of poor quality or genetically unbalanced due to issues like:

    • Smoking
    • Past surgical treatment
    • Pelvic Infection
    • Cancer treatment
    • Unexplained Infertility
    • Ovarian scarring due to endometriosis

    It might be possible that women are born with fewer eggs but that does not mean they will be of less quality. If you are facing a problem conceiving then visit the best IVF centre.

    How is the Ovarian Reserve measured?


    • AFC (Antral Follicle Count)


    It is ultrasound imaging that occurs at the start of the menstrual cycle as they in knowing the natural follicles group in the ovaries. If the antral follicles are low then it means ovarian reserve has fewer eggs.


    • FSH level (Blood test)


    This is measured on day 3 of the menstrual cycle. FSH hormone helps stimulate follicles and egg production. Still, with age, the FSH will result in egg production.


    • AMH level


    It is another hormone that helps in predicting the total number of eggs which can be used with IVF treatment. You can be tested for AMH throughout the menstrual cycle without any problem.

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