What is overactive Bladder and Its Causes?

What is overactive Bladder and Its Causes?

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    The bladder is a part of the urinary system which is useful to pass urine and stool from your kidneys. In addition, the majority of people demonstrate that they are suffering from urinary problems and infections, which will lead to many health conditions. In addition, they may experience these conditions due to overage and obesity.

    Let’s understand the overactive bladder and the causes in detail.

    What is overactive bladder?

    Overactive bladder is explained as a group of urinary symptoms. But no need to worry because this is not a disease, this is just a condition of uncontrolled need to urinate. Moreover, you may feel embarrassed while going outside with your friends and family. Since this condition can happen during sneezing and laughing as well. And you may experience leakage of urine during these activities because of these putt pressure or in the urinary system.

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    Symptoms of Overactive bladder

    There are two or more symptoms of overactive bladder such as-:

    • Urinate more frequently, for example, more than 8 hours in a day.
    • You may feel an immediate need to urinate, which is difficult to control.
    • You may awaken more than two times during the night hours.

    Who gets overactive bladder condition?

    There are several people who are suffering from this condition, but this is not the problem of women. But men also suffer from this condition. Moreover, women with menopause and men with puberty experience this condition. In addition to this, people who experience certain health conditions which are related to the brain and spinal cord.

    Causes of Overactive bladder

    There are several causes of overactive bladder include old age and obesity. These are not enough causes which contribute to overactive bladder condition but there are some other causes such as -:

    • People who are going through diabetes conditions are at greater risk of overactive bladder.
    • Certain type of neurological disorders, for example, multiple sclerosis.
    • Moreover, some type of medications which are responsible to increase the urine production.
    • Infections and abnormalities in your bladder include stones and cancer.
    • Over-consumption of caffeine and drugs which are responsible for this condition.
    • Last but not least, obesity and being overweight.

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