What is painless delivery? How is painless normal delivery beneficial?

What is painless delivery? How is painless normal delivery beneficial?

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    So, you are planning to start your journey of becoming a mother. Indeed! One of the most beautiful experiences and part of a woman’s life. That 9 month time develops a strong bond with the child growing inside you. You talk to your baby, share stories with them, and whatnot! It is a whole another kind of journey to experience. No matter, if you have conceived naturally or through IVF treatment, the painless normal delivery is beneficial. You must be wondering, ‘How is it painless?’

    When you visit the best IVF Centre in Punjab your doctor will tell you about the same and how modern medications have revolutionized the way treatment is done. If you are wondering what next step you should take, then make sure to schedule a consultation at our infertility clinic in Moga for detailed information.

    What is meant by Painless Delivery?

    Painless delivery is possible by taking regional anesthesia which helps in pain relief during natural labor. The doctor will administer epidural anesthesia by the use of an injection which is given in the lower back. Its effect is seen within 10 to 15 minutes. Instead of going for a C-section, this is a much better option.

    What is the procedure of giving epidural anesthesia?

    You have to sit still and keep your back straight to give the epidural. In the lower back, a thin tube is inserted into the lower part of the spinal cord. Following that needle is removed and the catheter will be kept in place so that the epidural anesthesia can be given. The doctor will administer you the same when you are inactive labor and this allows your pelvic region to get numb. Although, you should be conscious throughout the procedure. But, bear in mind 100% pain relief is not guaranteed with this option.

    What are the benefits of epidural?

    • Reduced the count of C-sections

    Painless delivery allows the women to give birth naturally and there is very little intervention. The research has shown that with this option the count of C-sections has been reduced greatly.

    • Women who cannot bear the pain

    If any women whose pain tolerance level is extremely low, then this option is suggested. In addition, if the woman is exhausted due to pushing it is suggested or in case, the situation is called out for an emergency C-section.

    • Allows to relax

    Through this approach, the pain is reduced and the women will feel relaxed during childbirth. In addition, it will reduce the risk of postpartum complications.

    • Baby descend easily

    Through its administration, the baby will descend easily as the vaginal & pelvic muscles will get relaxed.

    • Lower blood pressure

    In addition, it will help to reduce blood pressure because it can create problems during conception.

    Talk to the doctor

    Make sure that you talk to the doctor about whether this option is right for you. As sometimes, certain complications are likely to result in issues. Schedule your initial consultation with our doctor to understand what you have to do.

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