What is Prostatitis : Symptoms and Causes

What is Prostatitis : Symptoms and Causes

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    Prostatitis is inflammation and swelling of the prostate gland. It produces semen which helps in transporting and nourishing sperm. In some cases, prostatitis can create problems in urination and it can be painful also. In this guide, we have mentioned the symptoms and causes linked with prostatitis problem.

    The prostate is a small and walnut-shaped gland which is part of the male reproductive system. Its main job is to make fluid for semen and it also helps in energizing as well as protecting the sperm.

    In some cases, there is a pain in prostatitis and around the pelvic region. The problem can occur to men in different age groups. The problem can occur because of:

    • The infection occurs from bacteria
    • Inflammation from infection or injury.
    • Some other issue

    Symptoms of Prostatitis

    The urologist in Moga will diagnose the problem according to the way you feel. The inflammation of the prostate and around the nerves is referred to as chronic prostatitis. The pain from this can last for around weeks or maybe months. It is not an infection. Symptoms include:

    • Facing problem passing urine.
    • Pain in and around the bladder, penis, testicles, and anus.
    • Pain with ejaculation

    Chronic Prostatitis

    This occurs from the bacteria and not so common. The problem will come and will stay there for a long time which is around 3 months. Symptoms include:

    • Pain with ejaculation
    • Feel the urge to pass urine (around 8 times a day)
    • When you pass urine there is burning feeling.
    • Pain around and in the testicles, penis, anus, or bladder.

    Acute Bacterial Prostatitis

    This occurs from acute Bacterial Prostatitis and it is not so common. Symptoms can occur suddenly and it can be very painful. It is essential that men should seek medical help right away. Symptoms include:

    • Chills
    • Fever
    • Extremely painful and burning sensation while passing urine
    • Trouble draining the bladder

    Nonbacterial prostatitis

    Nonbacterial prostatitis can occur because of stress, injuries, nerve irritation, or past urinary tract problem. In this case, there is no bacteria in the urine or semen.

    Causes of Prostatitis

    The main cause of this problem is not known. The problem can occur due to sexual contact, bladder infection, urinary tract issue, or catheter. Some of the other reasons which can trigger the problem include:

    • Pelvic floor muscle tension
    • Prostate stones
    • Prostate cancer
    • Benign prostatic hyperplasia (an enlarged prostate)
    • Narrowing of the urethra or scar tissue

    How is the problem diagnosed?

    When you visit the urologist Punjab he is going to ask you questions regarding pain. To check the pain or feel the enlargement the digital rectal exam is done. To look more closely at the prostate transrectal ultrasound will be done. You will also be asked to get lab tests to check for the bacteria in the prostate fluid or urine.

    Treatment options

    • To kill the bacteria antibiotics are given.
    • To reduce the pain ibuprofen and aspirin are given as they help in relaxing the muscles.
    • Prostatic massage will help in easing the pressure.
    • Some of the home remedies include hot water bottles, heating pads, and using a donut-shaped pillow.
    • In rare cases, there is a need to undergo surgery.

    To learn more you should book your appointment with a urologist to get the right treatment plan.

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