What is SURROGACY? Which couples opt up for it? Is it result-oriented?

What is SURROGACY? Which couples opt up for it? Is it result-oriented?

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    IVF is the kind of procedure that has given happiness to many childless couples. Those who have lost all their hopes in the natural methods are the ones who deem the IVF centres in Punjab as their last hopes.

    We being the most famous fertility clinic in Moga have satisfied so many couples to have the happiness of having a baby. But with the IVF Procedure alone, it is not possible to satisfy each of the couples since there are other couples also who do have reproductive issues like difficulty in carrying the baby in her womb. In that case, the female intending to become a biological mother of the kid, cannot carry the baby in her womb for nine months.

    So, will their dream of having a baby remain a dream forever?

    To make such dreams come into reality, there is a procedure which we know as ‘SURROGACY’.


    What is it?

    Surrogacy is one of the procedures in which the female who provides her egg for the fertilisation purpose is the one who will be called the biological mother even though she had not carried the baby in her womb.

    Really…Can it happen?

    Then how can a baby be nourished and come to the world?

    Is there some technology?

    Lol! There is not!

    In that case, the female has to sign a consent letter in which she is allowing her baby to be nourished in the womb of some other family. That ‘some other female’ will be known as the Surrogate mother.

    Why would some lady agree to keep my baby in her womb for free?

    Who said, “It’s Free?”

    It is not. You have to pay the surrogate mother the charges to flourish your baby in her womb.

    What if the surrogate mother runs away with my baby as happens in ‘Chori Chori Chupke Chupke’?

    Lol! Those are just movies that are dominated by emotions and not by reality. If you will hire a surrogate mother, then both the parties will be under the clauses of some kind of bond. You and the surrogate mother have to abide by them and in case any of you does not agree with the principles, then you will find yourself under legal complications.

    How much money does a surrogate mother charge?

    It is not definite. It will be completely dependent upon the situation. But yes, you will be given a chance to negotiate the prices.

    Who will provide me with effective surrogacy treatment?

    We at the Gomti Thapar hospital have performed more than thousands of successful surrogacy treatments. If you are intending to get the same, then please contact us. We promise to satisfy you with the credentials of the treatment and make you happy by letting you have the newborn baby in your arms.

    Bottom Line

    If any of the readers want to ask us more questions, then please let us know. We shall be more than happy to answer the questions of those who read our content wholeheartedly.

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