What is the 5 step procedure of the test tube baby treatment in India?

What is the 5 step procedure of the test tube baby treatment in India?

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    Test Tube Baby Treatment: Everything about Egg Production to Test Results

    So, you have been tested with infertility and when you consulted the fertility expert at the test tube baby centre in Punjab, you have been suggested to get test tube baby treatment.

    For all those couples who have not heard about it or getting the treatment for the first time, this blog will make you understand the 5 step procedure of the treatment. Fertility experts from our IVF centre in Punjab, have provided brief information about the treatment here, to give you peace of mind while getting the treatment.

    Do you know?

    It is the Safest Fertility treatment and through test tube, baby, or IVF procedure, around 8 million babies are born worldwide.

    5 Step guide to IVF

    Step 1: Ovarian Stimulation

    During menstruation, the woman releases one mature egg. In this treatment, the woman is given injectable gonadotropins for 8 to 10 days to increase the egg count. For the procedure, there is a need for around 10 to 15 quality eggs to boost success chances.

    The woman needs to undergo transvaginal sonography to check the egg size and its quality. Before the eggs are retrieved, the woman is given a triggered injection 34 to 36 hours before treatment to make the eggs mature.

    Step 2: Egg and Sperm collection

    Egg Retrieval is performed by administering general anesthesia and through a needle, the egg is collected. On the same day, the male partner needs to provide the semen sample.

    In case, there is a case of diminished ovarian reserve or male infertility, then fertility experts can suggest you undergo treatment through donor egg or donor sperm.

    Step 3: Embryo Development

    Egg and sperm are fertilized with each other in a controlled environment and kept on a petri dish. This results in embryo formation. The embryologist will grade the embryos & the best one is selected for transfer. The fertility expert

    Step 4: Embryo transfer

    The embryo transfer is done 2 to 5 days after fertilization and the time of transfer is selected by the embryologist. In the case of the fresh embryo transfer, around 1 to 2 healthy embryos are selected and transferred back to the women’s reproductive tract.

    In case, there is more than 1 healthy embryo then the fertility doctor will suggest you freeze them for later use.

    To understand the concept of embryo freezing, you should talk to the fertility expert and plan what should be done.

    Step 5: 2-Week Wait

    Once, the embryo is transferred to the uterus, you need to wait for 2 weeks. The doctor will schedule the appointment where your blood beta hCG levels are checked. The success rate with one embryo transfer in a test tube baby is more than 70%.


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