What is Urethral Stricture – Causes and Treatments

What is Urethral Stricture – Causes and Treatments

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    Are you having trouble passing your urine? It will be better if you get yourself checked for Urethral stricture if it is happening. Urethral stricture is a condition in which the patient finds it difficult to pass urine and might experience pain while passing it. A urologist is the best person to give you the treatment for the same. So kindly visit your nearest urology centre. Doing so will be the first step in ensuring that you get the right kind of kidney problem treatment.

    Urethral Stricture – Diagnosis 

    The reasons may of stricture vary. The condition may be seen after an accident or an injury. The doctor expects you to explain everything regarding the condition in detail. He will recommend the diagnostic tests and treatment according to the severity and type of the problem. Any observation regarding the starting time of the symptoms will also help. Usually, test like Uroflowmetry is suggested to measure the flow rate of the urine. Uretrhrogram is also suggested for clear detection of the stricture. Urethrogram is a test in which a dye is injected into the urethra. The flow of the dye helps in detecting if there is any obstruction in the organ.

    What does it mean if you have  Urethral Stricture?

    If the urethra gets damaged due to injury, then it is known as urethral stricture. In this condition, the narrowing decreases the flow of urine. This condition may lead to many other urinary complications. In case the urethra becomes extremely narrow, the passage of urine may be stopped altogether which may further lead to kidney or bladder damage due to acute urinary retention (storage of urine in the bladder ).

    The treatment for Urethral Stricture

    The treatment depends on the severity of the condition and the cause of the stricture.

    Urethral dilation –It is a process in which a plastic dilator is passed into the urethra of the patient while the patient is under the influence of anesthesia. It opens up the narrowed part of the urethra. It offers only a  temporary treatment as dilation will be required again and again as there is a risk of the stricture happening again.

    Urethroplasty -If the case is more complex, then a permanent solution called Urethroplasty is undertaken. In this surgery, the scarred part of the urethra is completely removed thereby preventing its return.

    Optical Internal Urethrotomy (OIU) is another procedure which involves the passage of a telescope through the urethra. It also involves the use of a bladder catheter to help urethra heal.

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