What should I do when I can’t find a washroom? What precautions should I take?

What should I do when I can’t find a washroom? What precautions should I take?

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    We all have experienced the situation of bladder leaks or not. That the urgent need to find a washroom sometimes is not fulfilled on time and it leads to embarrassment. Due to the current scenario, we must take all the necessary precautions. Moreover, many of the establishments are shut down and many of them are off-limits. Individuals with urinary incontinence face huge trouble when they need to go out as they fear an accident can happen. Our urologist always suggests the patients take the necessary precautions when using a public washroom. If you think the problem is getting out of control then consult the medical expert.

    People with urinary incontinence have thought like:

    • Travelling for a long time is not possible and it is difficult to stay away from home.
    • Open bathrooms are difficult to find.
    • There are only limited places that increase the risk of accidents

    Keep reading on to understand what precautions you should take while using a public washroom and how to avoid accidents?

    What precautions should I take while using a washroom in COVID-19 time?

    Not just for the current scenario, but it is important to consider these tips even long after everything gets back to normal.

    • Make sure to wear a mask to protect others and yourself from getting contracted with COVID-19.
    • Make sure to maintain a safe distance to help keep up the safety.
    • If possible, you should use the larger bathrooms as the air circulates easily.
    • Make sure to not touch anything which is of no use. It would be better to use a tissue or paper towel when using the items.
    • Do not touch any surface in the bathroom and then touch the face.
    • Make sure to wash your hands before stepping out of the washroom
    • Most importantly, you should be quick as there is no need to spend a long time there.
    • Once done you should properly sanitize your hands.

    What should I do if I can’t find a washroom?

    Individuals with urinary incontinence often think what can I do? I cannot find a bathroom outside.

    • Limit the water intake

    When you know you have plans to go out, make sure to limit the water intake for a few hours. That would help you manage everything when you are outside.

    • Go when possible for you

    You should empty the bladder before you leave the house. When you are outside and you can find an open bathroom, then make sure to use it even if you think there is no need.

    • Plan which is the right place

    It would be better to use that place that is in your comfort zone and has an open restroom. To be sure the place is open you should call them.

    • Buy a portable urinal for emergency

    If you are more prone to bladder leakage then you should buy a portable urinal and keep it with you when you have to go out.

    • Wear the right layer of protection

    If you are prone to leaks, then make sure to wear heavier protection when possible. This way when you cannot use the washroom for a long time it will help you to be safe.

    • Pack for extra stuff

    No doubt, no one wants to get into accidents but sometimes situations get out of control. So, it is better to be prepared in advance and keep extra stuff for emergencies. You should keep extra clothing, wipes, plastic bags, or any other thing for cleaning up.

    It’s just you need to prepare yourself and take a few extra measures which can make everything easier for you. If you have any other tips which help you manage the situation then do share them in the comment section. And if you would like us to share information on any other thing then please let us know.

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