What should you eat and avoid if you have kidney stones to manage your health?

What should you eat and avoid if you have kidney stones to manage your health?

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    Kidney stones are a common condition diagnosed among individuals. The stones are formed in the urinary tract in different ways. With this calcium can get mixed with chemicals like phosphorus or oxalate in the urine. The problem is triggered when the substances are concentrated and become solidified. The stones are likely formed due to uric acid buildup which occurs due to protein. If you are concerned about your health, then make sure that you seek assistance from the best Urologist in Punjab. At Gomti Thapar Hospital, we have a team of experienced and skilled urologists who will diagnose your health and then give you the best treatment plan to manage your health.

    Diet for kidney stone patients

    What to eat and drink if you have kidney stones?

    Some of the rules which kidney stone patients have to keep in their mind are:

    • Keep yourself hydrated

    Water intake is important as fluid will help the chemicals to dilute which can later form stones. Your aim should be to drink 12 glasses of water in one day.

    • Increase the citrus intake

    Citrus intake along with juice is great to block or reduce the stones formation which can occur following the citrate presence. Some of the best sources of citrus to include in your diet are grapefruit, oranges, and lemons.

    • Increase the intake of vitamin D and calcium

    When you do not get the calcium in the right amount, oxalate will rise. Make sure that you include calcium-enriched food (not supplements as they lead to kidney stone formation). Some of the best food options are cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, and any other cheese type.

    Apart from that, the vegetarian sources are calcium-set tofu, dark green, legumes, seeds, nuts, leafy green vegetables, and blackstrap molasses. Along with calcium you have to include Vitamin D in your diet as it allows calcium to absorb faster. The food sources are cheese, egg yolks, and salmon.

    What should you avoid if you have kidney stones?

    • Do not have salt in excess

    An increase in sodium level in the body will give rise to calcium. So, make sure you do not have much salt in your food, and especially, while having the processed food you have to keep a check on the same. Even be careful about the vegetable juices you include in your diet.

    • Keep the animal protein intake minimum

    Protein-rich food like poultry, fish, eggs, pork, chicken, and red meat increases the uric acid in the body. When you eat these in excess it will increase the presence of citrate in the urine. But, make sure that you include protein in the right amount as it is important for your health.

    • Colas drink is a big ‘NO’

    You do not have to drink colas as they are high in phosphate and through these, kidney stones are formed. Along with that, reduce or avoid the sugar intake as much as possible.

    Wrap up

    Kidney stones are a painful condition to deal with but getting medical assistance from the doctor can help to manage your condition in a better manner.

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