When Do you Need Infertility Counseling

When Do you Need Infertility Counseling

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    It is not a mere coincidence if you are feeling depressed and anxious while undergoing fertility treatment. Many patients who are undergoing fertility treatment at IVF centres feel emotionally distressed. According to an IVF doctor, the stress experienced by a person undergoing fertility treatment is at par with the stress associated with cancer and HIV patients. A person who finds himself in such a situation will need a lot of emotional support and psychological counselling. He or she needs it to feel that the journey is not to be covered solely by him or she, the friends and family are there to support her.

    Heard of infertility counselling?

    The news of infertility always gets an emotionally overwhelming reaction often marked with a “why me ” tag. Apart from the biological consequences, it has a lot of emotional and psychological repercussions that are not at all pleasant. It is at this time that the patient requires the unflinching support of his or her family members, relatives, and friends. One can also approach professionals for emerging emotionally stable out of the long years of anxiety, fear of failure and waiting. Seeking the help of a counselor will help you come out with the minimum scars through the difficult journey. The counselor will help you cope with the feelings often experienced while undergoing fertility treatment. The counselor will assist you in managing your expectations, coming out of hopelessness and adopting a positive attitude and dealing with negative emotions like distress and anxiety.

    Who needs it and when?

    Matters of the heart are not easy to define clearly in physical terms. Sometimes the patient doesn’t realize that he needs help in the form of counseling. The things may seem more complicated if you are using the services of a donor, whether for the egg, sperm or gestation. Your doctor may be in a better position to evaluate your emotional strength and weakness. If you seem to require the needful, ask him for some references. The doctor might also be having someone in the house in that capacity.

    Infertility treatments and counseling 

    Mental health experts offer to counsel after various stages related to the treatment which could cause hopelessness in the patient. Such situations include miscarriage, failed IVF or ICSI. They will also help you deal with the psychological problems in your life like marital and sexual issues and emotional devastation.

    The support system in surrogacy

    The couple also needs to go through counseling sessions if they opt for surrogacy. They would like to specify some characters about the surrogate. They need to work with a mental health professional while deciding on their options for surrogacy.

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