When is it Essential to Visit a Urologist?

When is it Essential to Visit a Urologist?

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    A urologist can be consulted for issues related to the urinary tract, any infections, pain and swelling, that a patient undergoes. Any personal problems like penis erection, ejaculation, can also be taken care of by a urologist. It is very important to get regular PSA tests done so that any issue can be addressed at an earliest. A minor problem in urination occurring regularly, should be addressed to a doctor.

    Who is a Urologist?

    A surgeon who deal with all problems related to the urinary tract in males and females. It considers the kidney, urinary bladder, prostate, urethra, testis and penis.

    There are many times when a person deals with certain issues that becomes prominent and essential so as to consult a urologist. Following are a few problems so discussed:

    • Difficulty in urine

    If there is an issue in the urinary bladder, it at times becomes difficult to urinate. Pain is felt during urination or there may be not any control while wanting to urinate or urine passes with difficulty. There might be any reason of the above.

    • Abnormal PSA test results

    Prostate specific antigen is a test that should be done while you get your yearly checkup done.

    • Blood in urine

    This is the result of either cancer or stone or any major infection that has been caused in the urinary tract. Though it is visible most of the time, but at times needs a microscopic observation. Thus a regular health checkup can only detect the same.

    • Pain

    There may be a pain in the back or the flanks which could probably occur due to kidney.  The reasons might be three, in general, it either could be a stone in the urinary tract or a kidney infection or some obstruction in the outflow of urine from the kidney.

    • Stone disease

    Only an ultrasound or a CT scan can detect a stone in the urinary tract, this has becomes very common nowadays. Usual dull pain or immediate sharp pains in the flanks are its symptoms.

    • Swelling

    A lump should never be ignored and one must consult a doctor immediately.

    • UTI

    Urinary tract infection can be treated with regular medications. Consulting a doctor, again would be advisable.

    • Pain in penis

    Pain in the penis could be a reason to penile cancer, if it is serious. Else medicines would do their work.

    • Sexual dysfunction

    Inability to achieve sustaining erection during intercourse or premature ejaculation or pain in the penis during intercourse or bending of the penis during erection are some of the issues need to be evaluated by a urologist.

    • Male infertility

    Issues related to sperm should be addressed immediately.

    A urology centre can cater to all of the above abnormalities and provide solutions under expert guidance. It is thus important to consult a doctor on time.

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