Which are the Most Important Prenatal Nutrients?

Which are the Most Important Prenatal Nutrients?

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    Women who are pregnant, need to make sure to consume a well-balanced diet. This is imperative for your and the baby’s health. Additionally, including the prenatal vitamins as suggested by the doctor will help to prevent nutrient deficiency. Read the guide to learn the most essential prenatal nutrients.

    Essential nutrients for pregnant women

    Whether you have conceived naturally or through IVF, the consumption of supplements will support your pregnancy. Given below are some of the essential prenatal vitamins shared by our gynae:


    Pregnancy superhero nutrients are folate, B-vitamins, and B9. Folate has been shown to prevent the problem of neural tube defects and anemia. Different studies have shown that it helped in the prevention of spinal cord injury and the brain. During and after the pregnancy, you should consume it so that the fetus grows properly.


    When the iron level is low, the blood does not have enough healthy red blood cells which can lead to the condition of anemia. If this is the case, then it can lead to complications during the delivery.

    Moreover, improper red blood cells will reduce the supply of oxygen to important organs. It is essential to include the iron supplements in the diet so to keep up with the healthy iron levels.


    The pregnant woman needs calcium so that her bones are strong and healthy to support the little one growing inside her. It is important to include the calcium supplement in the daily routine. Not only, it helps to support bone development but also prevents bone loss in the mother. Studies have shown calcium supports the muscular, nervous, and circulatory system. Moreover, it also prevents the problem of blood-clotting.

    Vitamin D

    Vitamin D helps to keep the blood pressure normal, improve brain functioning, and boost immunity. So, pregnant women need to consume it on a daily basis as suggested by the medical expert. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to fractures and abnormal bone growth as well as complicate the delivery process.


    During the 3rd trimester, the baby’s thyroid becomes active and the thyroid hormone the baby can get it from the mother only. Thyroid hormones are essential because it helps in brain development and brain function. The mother needs to include these supplements in her daily diet. Including iodine in the daily diet is a great way to prevent deficiencies. If not, then it can impact brain development and create problems during delivery.

    If you are expecting and do not know what type of nutrients the body needs or how much the body needs, then consult the medical expert right away. Our doctor will let you know what prenatal nutrients you need to consume for a safe and smooth pregnancy.

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