Which are the predominant causes that deteriorate the quality of sperms?

Which are the predominant causes that deteriorate the quality of sperms?

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    In this day and age, people are conscious of infertility problems as compared to the couples who were trying to conceive in the last decade. According to a gynaecologist in Ludhiana, it is merely the transformations in the lifestyle that has induced people to become dependent on outside food and doing fewer efforts to maintain one’s good health. Many cases are being reported in an IVF Centre in Punjab, which is related to the impotence caused due to the problems in the sperm and sperm count. So if you are the one, who wants to get himself equipped with the knowledge of problems caused by sperms in fertilizing the egg, then this article is surely for you.

    How do the problems with sperms contribute to infertility problems?

    There are variegated problems with sperms that contribute to the impotency to conceive and are listed below:

    • Sometimes owing to any cause, when the sperm count is low or negligible the egg does get fertilised in the ovulation period.
    • Disfigured sperms are also the cause of the problem for impotency in conception. Because these sperm cells are lacing the qualities and characteristics that are essential for the sperm cells to be able to fertilize the egg.
    • Lazy sperm is also a preponderant problem in which the sperm cells are not able to reach the destination.
    • Sometimes the sperm cells are possessing all the qualities which are necessary to fertilise the egg but because of some reason, they die in their journey to fertilize the egg.

    So let us get to know some of the reasons why the sperm cells get acquainted with these problems:

    • Physical cause

    If the veins that are drained in the testicles get swollen, then the quality of the sperm may become deteriorated.

    • Medical causes

    If the patient was previously taking up any of the therapeutic treatment or was prescribed to intake antibiotics and other medications, then the results of the medications could result in allying or deteriorating the quality of sperm and making it get reduced to negligible rates.

    • Environmental Factors

    Variegated environmental factors like:

    • The testicles should remain cool but owing to work or study reasons, if an individual is sitting for long hours, then the testicles will experience a rise in temperature which is not at all good for the sperms.
    • Wearing tight clothes or underwear contributes a lot to this problem as by doing so the testicles are not given the cool environment to retain all the attributes which are necessary for healthy sperms.
    • Sometimes because of the nature of the job, one has to remain constantly under exposure to harmful chemicals or radiations which are not at all good for the reproductive health of the males.

    Final Thoughts

    But there are a lot of options that could facilitate the couple to conceive despite the low sperm count. Intracytoplasmic Sperm injection technique which is designed keeping in mind this problem has helped any of the couples to be blessed with babies.

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