Which Cosmetic products you must be wary off During Pregnancy?

Which Cosmetic products you must be wary off During Pregnancy?

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    Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life. When you are trying to get pregnant you must avoid certain cosmetic products as they can impact the chances adversely. In this guide, we have mentioned the different cosmetic products which can affect the women during pregnancy.

    Given below are the topmost cosmetic products recommended by our gynae which women need to stop using during the pregnancy:

    • Hair Straightening chemicals and hair dyes

    According to health experts, the chemicals found in the hair products can affect the fetus growing in your tummy. To focus on this thing in a better way, different studies have been done. The researchers found that when the hair gets exposed to hair chemicals or straightening products this can result in leukemia in children while they are an infant. So, when the woman is pregnant, she should consult the gynecologist so that she can tell you what you need to keep in mind to make sure your pregnancy goes smoothly.

    • Products for Skin Lightening

    The topical application of skin lighteners contains toxic synthetic materials. The women in the first and second trimester were studied and asked how they used the skin lightening products. The clinical examination done through the blood sample for cortisol level was taken. In the observation is was found that the women are habitual of the skin lightening products

    The products contain highly potent steroids and hydroquinone. Such issues can result in low birth weight and the pregnancy phase might not go smooth. So, when you are trying to get pregnant you should not use such products.

    • Retinols

    This compound is used for anti-aging creams like the sunscreen lotions. The retinol can get absorbed into the skin extremely easily and increase skin turnover. So, during pregnancy women should not take these products as they increase the risk of retinoid embryopathy.

    • De-pigmentation creams

    During pregnancy, the women can have hormonal changes and they suffer from melasma pigmentation on the face. The topical treatments contain the hydroquinone which can leave a negative effect on the baby’s health.

    • Acne Ointment

    During pregnancy, the skin breakouts are extremely common. Many women choose to have acne ointment or anti pimple cream. The women need to avoid these products which contain salicylic acid or peroxide.

    Personal Hygiene is essential

    During pregnancy, personal hygiene is essential. You should use natural products and stay organic so that the development of the baby and your health is not affected in any manner.

    The use of fewer chemicals is the first thing that you need to follow when you are pregnant. You can use the skin moisturizers kike almond oil or coconut oil. The skin toners can cleansers can be aloe vera gel or rose water.

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