Which treatment is effective in dealing with PCOS-related hair loss?

Which treatment is effective in dealing with PCOS-related hair loss?

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    Often the individuals get confused about how two separate medical issues can be related. But, this is true. Sometimes one problem can rise to another & you don’t even know the same until you consult the doctor. This is what I will talk about in this piece of information. Here my concern is to talk about PCOS and Hair Loss. 

    PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

    PCOS is one hormonal issue that occurs in women during childbearing age or even before that. PCOS affects the menstrual cycle’s natural flow, or natural conception may be compromised. PCOS treatment in Moga under the expertise of experienced & board-certified medical experts will help your condition manage. 

    PCOS can result in several symptoms & one of the most common ones is excess facial & body hair. During PCOS, it’s not just hair loss but excess hair growth that occurs on the body & face. Medically it is referred to as Hirsutism. 

    Why does PCOS trigger hair loss?

    The female body produces androgens and testosterone. Androgen is known for resulting in hair growth in different body parts like the pubic area and underarms and performing other functions. But, when the androgens get way too much in the body, it will lead to hair loss on the scalp. Medically, it is known as MPB (Male Pattern Baldness). 

    Are you suffering from the same situation?

    Don’t worry! With a Hair transplant in Vizag, your hair health can transform the way you want it to be. At Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Center, the doctor will personalize the treatment plan depending on your condition & what your preferences are. 

    Will hair grow back due to PCOS problems?

    If you think the hair will magically grow back, it’s not possible. You need to seek medical help for the same. Whether PCOS or hair loss, getting medical treatment is the only way. 

    Which medical treatment can help with PCOS & hair loss?

    As mentioned above, PCOS is a hormonal imbalance in the body. The first step is to regulate hormones through medications & other treatment options. Bear in mind every condition is different from one another, so the doctor will accordingly suggest to you which choice will effectively address your problem. Here is the list of treatment options that can work in this scenario:

    • Oral contraceptive pills (Help with hair loss & even reduce PCOS symptoms)
    • Spironolactone (Aldactone) 
    • Rogaine (Minoxidil)
    • Hair transplant in Ludhiana

    PCOS women are even suggested to get the bodyweight balanced or reduce some weight. Studies have shown that even reducing a few Kgs helps the woman bring her menstrual cycle back to track & all the symptoms related to it are addressed. 

    Do you want to make your hair loss less noticeable?

    Now you know if you didn’t see what you could do about hair loss. Profile Forte is one of the known hair transplant centre in Ludhiana to get hair growth back on track. 

    Get the proper medical assistance

    Both issues can make mental, physical, and emotional health worse, whether hair loss or PCOS. But that does not mean you have to lose hope. For better understanding, initial schedule consultation at Gomti Thapar Hospital.

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