Why Depression and PCOS occur together?

Why Depression and PCOS occur together?

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    We might not be able to relate the two conditions but the truth is that PCOS often leads to depression, anxiety, and other problems. Researchers have found out that around 27 -50 percent of females suffering from PCOS suffered from depression as against women who were free from PCOS. PCOS treatment should be carried out under the guidance of an able doctor. PCOS doctor will help you achieve a PCOS free state. Dr.Neelu Koura, lady doctor in Moga, treats PCOS.

    What is the connection?

    It is difficult for the researchers to find out the exact reason but the close connection might be due to the following factors –

    Insulin resistance

    Around 70 per cent of women diagnosed with PCOS are prone to insulin resistance, which means that their glucose content is not absorbed normally. It results in elevated blood sugar level. Insulin resistance affects the way the body synthesizes hormones, thus leading to stress, anxiety, and depression.


    PCOS can lead to stress very easily as women face a change in the physical appearance of the body like excessive facial hair. It may lead to anxiety and depression.


    Inflammation of the body is yet another reason which may lead to depression. Inflammation leads to high cortisol levels, which in turn lead to depression. Elevated cortisol levels may give rise to insulin resistance which in turn may lead to stress.


    Women suffering from PCOS are more likely to suffer from obesity. Obesity is again associated with depression.

    What is PCOS?

    PCOS is a condition which signifies hormonal imbalance. It may strike women in their young years as well as women on the verge of menopause. The most common symptoms are:

    1. Irregular menstrual cycle

    Women with PCOS have irregular periods. They may also be infrequent or prolonged.

    1. Excessive androgen activity

    Women with PCOS experience hyperactivity of androgen, a male hormone. It may lead to facial hair, acne, and baldness. It may also lead to ovarian cysts.

    Cause of PCOS

    Exact reasons are difficult to point out but following may be the probable causative factors-

    • Production of excess insulin
    • Genetic factors
    • Low-grade inflammation
    • High production of androgen by the ovaries.

    The women suffering from it are likely to benefit by making lifestyle changes and trying to lose their weight. Medications will prove beneficial to address the irregularities in the menstrual cycle.

    The treatment for depression due to PCOS

    If the depression is due to PCOS, your doctor treats it by treating the underlying cause. If you’re insulin-resistant, a low carb diet might work wonders for you. In case you’re obese, making lifestyle changes will help in losing weight.

    If a hormonal imbalance is there, which might be characterized by excess androgen, birth control pills will be the ideal option.

    Various kinds of therapies are also available for treating depression.

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