Why do I need test tube baby treatment? What are the reasons for the same?

Why do I need test tube baby treatment? What are the reasons for the same?

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    Sometimes we dream big but when reality strikes, it changes our perception towards life. After 2 to 3 years of getting married or more, you must be at a point that you are ready to start your family. You must have thought it would be extremely easy to do so. BUT…When you consult your gynae, you get to know that you are ‘Diagnosed with Infertility’. The dream of holding your little one in your arms might seem to fade away. The situation has gone worse and it is affecting your personal and professional life because you cannot handle the stress. Just WAIT! Take a Deep Breath & Relax!

    Before you start assuming things or jump to conclusions, have you ever thought of visiting the best IVF Centre in Punjab. Gomti Thapar Hospital is one of the most trusted IVF hospitals in Moga where Dr. Neelu Koura (MD) is assisting the patients with the best fertility treatment plan. At our fertility clinic in Moga, the infertile couple’s hope of becoming parents gets alive, which started to fade all those years of trying everything but not getting to see the positive pregnancy test results. If you would like to make an appointment at the earliest do that by filling the given-below form to get crystal clear information about the entire process.

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    Test Tube Baby Treatment: Advancement in fertility treatment

    Test tube baby treatment is just the replica of the way pregnancy is done naturally. The test tube baby treatment (IVF procedure) is done in the lab where the environment is controlled so that it can feel close to the body temperature. Here’s how the test tube baby treatment is done:

    • During the test tube baby procedure, medications or fertility shots are given to boost the egg. Later the ovum pick-up procedure is performed through the transvaginal ultrasound which takes around 15 to 30 minutes. Around 8 to 15 quality eggs are retrieved.
    • Later sperm and egg are kept together in a controlled environment in the petri dish where fertilization is done.
    • Following that embryo is formed which will be taken to the blastocyst stage which ensures that the embryo has reached the desired level.
    • After 3 to 5 days (this much time is needed to make it reach the blastocyst stage) and through the embryo transfer procedure it is put back in the woman’s reproductive tract so that women’s chances of conception are increased.

    What are the major reasons you need test tube baby treatment?

    Here are some of the major reasons which tell that you need test tube baby treatment:

    • Multiple follicles develop through the necessary stimulation protocol
    • Infection or tubal blockage due to the removal for ectopic pregnancy
    • For the timely rupture and effective development of follicles, the couple is struggling to conceive even after undergoing a 6 to 8 IUI cycle or other assisted reproductive technology.
    • Women are diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve. The test tube baby treatment with donor eggs can help.
    • A severe case of male and/or female infertility as IVF or test tube baby is the first choice
    • Age is another key factor when you have a problem conceiving
    • Unexplained infertility cases

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