Why Folic Acid is Important during Pregnancy?

Why Folic Acid is Important during Pregnancy?

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    Pregnancy is the best period of life, which every lady wants to enjoy her life. She also wants to make it memorable, so that when she looks back, she realizes that she had such a precious time. Without good health, it is not possible, so you have to take care of yourself during pregnancy period.

    If you are trying to conceive a baby, no matter naturally or with fertility treatment, but the folic acid plays an important role in pregnancy. In this period, you have to visit the gynae Punjab, so that you can get knowledge about folic acid and other necessary supplements in pregnancy period. Gynae India also tells you what is Folic acid and how it is beneficial for mother and baby during the pregnancy period.

    What is Folic Acid?

    Folic acid is a kind of tablet and it is a form of vitamin B, which is additionally known as folate. In addition to this, folate is beneficial in the production of red blood cells and the proper growth of the baby’s brain as well as the spinal cord. There are several types of foods, which contain too much folic acid, but you have to talk to the specialist, that what amount of folic acid is beneficial for you.

    How folic acid is important during pregnancy?

    As we stated above, folic acid is very beneficial for your health as it is useful to make new red blood cells and valuable for DNA synthesis. Additionally, this is well-known to reduce the risk of several life-threatening problems such as -:

    • Arteriosclerosis
    • Heart attack
    • Dementia
    • Stroke.

    Well, this is recommended to pregnant women, because it is beneficial for the mother and her baby too. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, this is useful to protect them from several dangerous diseases.

    When you can start taking Vitamin B-9 during pregnancy period?

    For this, you have to talk to your specialist, so that you can get the right information about the consumption of folic acid. She may suggest you start it in the first 3 or 4 weeks. This will help you to reduce the risk of birth defects and certain other health problems in the mother.

    Foods which contain folic acid

    There are several types of foods that contain folic acid or folate. So, you have to add them to your daily eating regimen, not only during the pregnancy period but also consume them in routine. These are-:

    • You must start consuming dark leafy green vegetables such as kale, asparagus, broccoli, lettuce, arugula, and spinach.
    • Orange juice
    • Whole Grain bread
    • Banana
    • Beets
    • Avocado
    • Mushroom
    • Beef liver and kidney
    • Legumes such as beans, peas, and lentils
    • Nuts

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