Why Infertility is Considered a Taboo?

Why Infertility is Considered a Taboo?

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    We always keep hearing about someone or the other who is dealing with the curse of infertility. The condition is defined as the inability to produce biological children. The reasons may vary. There could be issues with the male or the female or both. There are certain cases in which the cause of infertility can’t be explained. It is known as unexplained infertility. Whatever be the scenario, the condition can be treated by infertility treatment. The IVF doctor could help you with it. The infertile couple must visit the ivf centre to get the treatment started.

    The personal plight of infertile couples

    In this article, we want to take a closer look at the personal trauma of the infertile couples. It is something which the society looks down upon. Everybody eyes them with peculiar glances and no one is willing to understand their plight. They are already dealing with so many frustrations, the attitude of people only adds to the trouble.

    1. Abnormal to Society

    It is considered an abnormality to be infertile. It is just like any other medical condition but it is viewed under a different lens. Discussing it also doesn’t come easy to many of us. Considering that infertility is on the rise, it is not good news.

    1. A Taboo topic

    It is indeed embarrassing to discuss the body parts and the processes involved in conception. Well, infertility cant is discussed without getting them into the picture, can it be? Hence the reluctance.

    1. Ignorance

    People lack education about infertility. There’s a lack of education and information.

    Well,  most of the sex education seems to be focused on having safe sex and avoiding getting pregnant. We never thought of educating ourselves about infertility.

    1. It has a close association with shame

    Infertile people are puzzled why such a natural and seemingly easy process has become difficult for them. Their fertile friends and relatives come up with their recommendations and suggestions. It’s not at all easy for the infertile couple. It all leads to them feeling ashamed.

    1. Being open leads to more complications

    True, you must have opted for infertility treatment. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to succeed the very first time. Discussing a failed cycle could mean facing all sorts of insensitive remarks and questions.

    The Solution –

    What we could do about improving the situation is –

    1. Increase the information circulation about infertility Along with other things, we should educate society about infertility as well.
    1. Make infertility test more common and affordable

    Fertility treatments are not covered by insurance. Even the diagnostic tests for infertility are not covered by it. It would be better if the diagnostic tests were covered by the insurance programs and were carried out as routinely as other tests after a certain age.

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