Why is good posture important? How can it improve pelvic floor health?

Why is good posture important? How can it improve pelvic floor health?

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    We are all told that we need to sit straight and stand the right way. But do you know, “WHY?” It is done to improve the pelvic floor performance and it improves its effectiveness. Bear in mind that your pelvic floor health will benefit the entire body. As the muscles present in this region hold the vital organs like:

    • Uterus
    • Bowel
    • Bladder

    It provides stability to the spine, improves sexual function, helps to perform the erectile function & ejaculation in men, and helps in arousal in women. In case a woman is pregnant, then it provides support to the growing baby.

    It is safe to say that pelvic floor muscles are the powerhouse group of muscles. If you are not careful then it can pose high damage to the pelvic floor health. Therefore, it is important to provide them with the necessary strength and get them operated in the right manner.

    Why is posture important when maintaining pelvic floor health?

    Importance of Pelvic Floor Muscle

    Well! Different workouts can strengthen the pelvic floor strength but nothing can beat the best method i.e. Standing up Straight.

    When you maintain the right posture it will maintain the back health and help all the joints & bones to be aligned. This way the muscles will work in the right approach prevents fatigue & back pain and makes breathing easier.

    How does posture help pelvic floor health?

    The slouched position will not activate the pelvic floor muscles like the way when we are standing or sitting. Moreover, the transverse abdominal muscles are not activated. These are present in the lower abdomen and help in bladder control. If you are negligent, the breathing is impacted to a great extent. This way the natural movement of pelvic floor muscle is affected and this way it will get stiff. Due to this, there can be issues like pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, or urinary incontinence.

    What is the correct posture for sitting?


    sitting posture

    • Sit on the edge of the stool or chair and you should not take the back support.
    • Position your feet hip-width apart
    • Balance your weight evenly between your sit bones (when you sit on the edge it will be easier to manage)
    • Relax your shoulders and pull them back to align with your hip bones
    • Hold your head up like a string is being pulled up.
    • Slightly, tuck up the chin
    • Relax your head and neck
    • Keep the spine straight

    What is the correct posture for standing?

    • Make sure to keep the feet hip-width apart
    • On both of your feet, keep the weight balanced
    • Keep the shoulders relaxed and pull them so that hip bones get aligned.
    • Stand straight, keep the body & spine aligned like a string is pulled.
    • Slightly, tuck in the chin
    • De-stress the head and neck
    • Roll the shoulders in back & down motion

    The goal to stand up straight is done to stack the knee, hip, shoulders, and ankle. Many times, people try to slouch too often that it will make their pelvic floor muscles weak or if you try to do it in excess then pelvic floor muscles can get tight. Excess of anything or not doing anything comes with problems. So, make sure that you allow your body to do it correctly so that it can operate effectively and efficiently.

    Move as often as you can

    Make sure that you move from time to time. Do not sit or stand in the same posture for 30 minutes or more than that. If you do, it will trigger other health issues. So, make sure that you keep yourself as active as you can.

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