Why Is It Necessary For The Women To Undergo Fertility Test?

Why Is It Necessary For The Women To Undergo Fertility Test?

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    One of the most important things a woman who wants to reproduce should know is the facts about fertility and how it relates to their age. This will help them make a sound choice about their health and life.

    Unlike in old times, people nowadays focus on their career and other factors before settling down with a family of their own. This leads to the scenario of late marriages, postponing childbirth, lifestyle changes, job stress, pollution, adulteration, smoking, traffic, drinking, and multimedia.

    This is the reason why it is vital for all the women to visit a Gynecologist in Srinagar and opt for fertility health in order to know the status of their fertility which would avail them to take timely action.

    In case they find it difficult to conceive a child, they would always have the option to go for IVF treatment in the IVF centre in Punjab. 

    Some Of The Most Necessary Test For Fertility

    These are some of the tests the doctor conducts to check a woman’s fertility rate. 

    • AMH (Anti Mullerian Hormone)

    The reproduction life for the women begins after they get their first period which is around the age of 11 or 12. And it lasted until they hit menopause almost some four decades later. But do keep in mind that with age, the egg count and the quality both decline, and it is impossible to stay fertile throughout the entirety of this timespan. And also, it is not like they decline at the cliff age of 35. No, fertility sees a drop throughout their adult lives.

    Every woman has almost 1-2 million potential eggs, which are in the form of ovarian follicles, but that is all the eggs they will ever get.

    Now to check the number of follicles in the ovaries, the doctor performs an AMH. It also helps in calculating the total egg. Hence with this method, they would be able to depict the ovarian reserve at that particular time. The lower your AMH will be, the lower the egg count.

    Also, the level of AMH stays mostly stable throughout the cycle. The doctor can perform the blood test at any time. The average AMH level for a fertile woman is around 2.0-5.0 ng/ml, but based on their age, many women might have more or less than this range. 

    P.S: In our hospital, we also have the facilities of hypo hypo infertility tests. 

    • Base Line Ultrasound

    The doctor conducts this transvaginal ultrasound for the basal antral follicle count. With the help of this procedure, the doctor is able to measure the ovarian reserve in the woman or the remaining egg supply in her. In short, the ovarian reserve reflects their fertility potential.

    An antral (resting) follicle is basically a fluid-filled, small sac that has an immature egg within itself. The doctor is able to see, count, and measure the follicle on the cycle days 2, 3, and 5 with the assistance of an ultrasound.

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